Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The model must-have check list: what's in the model's bag?

Hey Girls,

While at my shoot last week for a healthcare catalog where I modeled shoes, I was reminded of the importance of having a nice handbag. When you have a modeling job you will be told what it’s for, what to bring and the basics of the job, but it is always smart to bring some extras. Carrying this handbag all the time will also make your arms tone, so there is a plus to the hustle and bustle involved with being a striving model.

My top ten things to have for castings and modeling jobs.

The model necessities, which include and are not limited to:

1. A BIG bag. One that she doesn't mind spilling nail polish remover on or anything. A nice sturdy bag that she can count on for a last minute casting or a booking that also fits her portfolio which is usually 12.5” by 9.5”
2. Nude colored panty hose. (These are good to have for castings involving shoes and legs, you don’t want to sock marks on your ankles and you don’t want lines on your legs from your pants so wearing panty hose can be helpful.)
3. An assortment of shirts, tank tops, t-shirts, and a zippered sweater/cardigan. I usually bring an extra tank top or t-shirt with me to a modeling job.
4. Nail polishes in many colors, including "clear" nail polish. (Also if you have a run in your panty hose you can put a dab of clear nail polish on the run to stop it from getting bigger.)

5. Travel size nail polish remover, nail file, nail clipper. Buy your own nail tools! I live by travel size items.

6. Nude thongs and black thongs, on the job you will be asked to wear a nude thong so that your underwear color isn't seen when wearing white or tan colors and in general a nude thong is good to have any time, if you have a job for a swimwear company you might want to wear a tan or black g-string under the bathingsuit bottom, ya know.
7. Sandals. Something stronger than a flip-flop, a pair of shoes you can wear before you go on set and while getting ready or resting before the crew is ready. A pair of sandals you can keep clean, not wear outside, and use for being on set at modeling gigs.
8. A brush or comb and hair clips and hair ties. Pull hair back before castings and at jobs. Hair out of the face is best. Client talking to you, not your hair, unless it is a hair related job.

9. A robe or something to wear that is comfortable and doesn’t create lines. Sweatpants.

10. Lotion. Travel size lotions, or buy travel size container’s at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Container store or Target or Walmart to pour your favorite lotion into.
I've done a lot of body part modeling which involves using my feet, hands and body to model for product ads and editorials in magazines.

So more on the model must-have check list:

Baby wipes. To clean feet, hands, face, etc.

A travel size toothpaste. Tooth brush

Foundation to mix with a dab of lotion to cover any scars, etc.

Kushy foot toe covers, to wear before you get on set or on your way to a modeling job. Keeps your pedicure pretty, while you are waiting to go on set.

Q tips.



Ziploc bags to carry all this stuff in.

This week's podcast segment includes tips and advice for what's in the models handbag.


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