Tuesday, March 15, 2011

model haircuts and styling tips

me with short hair
Hey Girls,

I recently got a hair cut at Xena's Beauty Company and loved it. Not much drastically changed but I got some more body to my hair and layers, and my bangs were touched up, simple but well done, and I wanted to share some tips for models and hair styling for print models.

Of course your unique self can book you work as a model. I am all about using your personality, and an extra little thing that makes you stand out, but when it comes to hair consider that in print modeling most of the models have a more simple, basic, haircut. It's pretty, shiny, full of volume, has shape, but it's one solid color usually and the cut is usually not too funky, usually it has a more basic every-day style.

In fashion the models may have a more creative haircut, but usually in print modeling the models hairstyles are more simple. Usual. Basic.

Also keeping your hair one color can be to your advantage because usually a print modeling client will ask the agency for their "brunette models," "red heads" or "blonds" but typically not "brunette with mega highlights or an arragement of colors."  Again, there are exceptions for certain clients and if your hair is purple you can still pursue  modeling but just be aware of what the clients call agencies for typically.

Hence, sometimes lifestyle brands for cell phones, fast food, certain brands may want an unconventional model/actor for a commercial, someone with a hairstyle with more personality but often you will see in commercials and print ads the models have a more basic hairstyle.

The length of your hair shouldn't stop you. If you have short hair, rock it, love it, use it, sometimes having something different can also book you work as a model, (ex: not many girls have short hair) but just be aware of what type of models print modeling agencies typically work with. Usually, even if they have short hair, it is not a wicked edgy short haircut, it is a pretty natural looking short haircut.

Advertisers want the consumer to relate to the models in the ads and commercials and editorials, so depending on what the brand, product, and image of that brand and product is, the model needs to fit the demographic of the consumer.

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