Friday, March 11, 2011

Casting Confessions: When you're petite you gotta know how to breath in front of the camera

Hey Girls,

When you're petite you gotta know how to breath in front of the camera, your posture and inhaling slightly can give you inches--> I did this at a casting for legs and body today.

It was for a magazine and my agency told me it was for legs, feet and butt. So of course I had to be well shaved and have a nice pedicure. Also it's good to get into a habit of taking care of your skin daily as a model, and when you have a casting for legs or feet always consider to have a nice manicure as well when you attend the casting.  Hands, legs and feet often go together in magazine editorials and ads and even though a casting might not bluntly say "hands" you never know, it is better to be prepared, than not.

The casting was in the office of the magazine and when I showed up I was the only one there, I signed-in and sat in the waiting area, and soon another model showed up, a taller girl. (of course) I added some lotion to my hands and touched up my face. You always want to try to look awake, pretty and fresh at a casting. Do light makeup, don't over kill it. In my bag I had brought a bathingsuit/bikini because at a body parts casting for legs, butt or body, often the photo editor or casting director will want to see your body, full leg, and you can change at the casting in the bathroom or wear the bikini under your clothing.

When the photo editor arrived he suggested that I change in a side room into my bikini.  I brought a pair of sandals with a little heel  which I put on, but the photo editor said to take off my heels since the job will involve bare feet. I took the sandals off and was prepared to stand tall despite my petite size, and I stood in front of a white wall and posed showing my body from the front, the profile view, and back, about 5-10 shots were taken. I lifted my hair up with my hands so my back could also be seen better. (Usually I bring a hairtie to castings or a clip.)  Then I suggested a few extra shots, posing my legs a different way, sitting, stretchnig them out, sitting and bending them in a pretty way, etc, and the photo editor liked those.   It's a good idea to know how to pose already, know your body, know the best ways to pose it to make it look the best you can. Remember to arch your back slightly even when sitting, and while standing. Also always watch your posture, shoulders back, head up, and inhale slowly while the photos are being taken. Your body will appear longer and more proportioned and pretty. So now I am on hold for the job. Being on hold means the client is interested but you are not 100% booked yet, it means your agency told you to "hold" the date of the job, and to not plan anything else that day, because there is a good chance you will be picked for the job, and the agency wants to confirm you are available.  So, not counting chickens before they hatch but we'll see :)  Also, just because you are not giraffe tall doesn't mean you can use your legs to model, if you got it, work it, strive for it, use what you've got, prepare for your success by creating photos that best market your assets, and aim high and try, ~Isobella

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