Thursday, February 3, 2011

Using your body to model

Hey Girls,

You totally don't have to pose nude to work as a model. It's not a must-do!

You can still model with agencies and brands and magazines without going nude.

But if you are over 18 and comfortable with your body you can find modeling work using it within "parts modeling" and "health and fitness" "lingerie" and "body modeling" for magazines and brands. Some print modeling agencies have "parts divisions" and work with body models for fitness, health and beauty, and models put their even skintone, their proportioned body, their pretty limbs and curves to use in campaigns and print ads for brands and magazines. 

I have seen many beautiful print campaigns using the body for jewelry and retail and skincare.

I am into classy, beautiful and sincere nude and body images. Also I love black and white photography. I am comfortable with my body and have used it on modeling jobs within magazine editorials and advertising campaigns, here are some of my body shots which I hope inspire you when you are considering using your body to model within print modeling.  Well, this is my body and some shots from my "parts modeling porfolio," and I hope these images inspire you when it comes to creating body images that have purpose for print modeling. And here are tips for parts modeling photos for hands, legs, and shoe modeling.

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