Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Short models knowing how to model and tips for working with print modeling agencies

Hey Girls,

The difference between the fashion modeling industry and print modeling industry is so important to know.

Mainly because there are big differences when it comes to approaching print agencies and what they expect.

The fashion modeling agencies work with a select amount of models,and they help craft a fashion models career, investing the time and money into it, however print modeling is a totally different thing.

Although print modeling allows shorter girls, and girls of all types, to work with brands and for product campaigns and magazines, since there are so many more commercial print models and commercial print modeling agencies, there is less time the commercial print modeling agencies spend on their models when it comes to investing money and time into shaping their careers. The print agencies just don't do that, it is up to the model to manage their photos and craft their careers. And print modeling agencies like a model who already knows how to model, already has her comp card printed and print modeling photos ready and portfolio.

A commercial print modeling agency can book a model great paying jobs and great gigs, but that doesn't mean the agency is totally crafting that models career. The relationship with the print agency usually happens because you were already prepared with marketable photos, in the first place. And the photos you shared on your comp card appealed to the agency. That doesn't mean the agency is going to spend money on crafting your career...the agency might send you on castings and book you work, but the work of updating photos, printing comp cards, the upkeep and the self-investment it involves for the aspiring shorter model doesn't end. The hustle lives on.

It is good to know this ahead of time, before you start sending comp cards to agencies. Scams come to a shorter striving model when she is not aware of the differences between a fashion and print model. 

Also keep in mind most print modeling agencies do not advertise that they are looking for models and they do not hold open calls. You have to research and discover them, they do not scream We are looking for print models. If you research print modeling agencies, talent agencies and see models of all types, ages and models that are smiling and showing personality within their photos, these are the agencies to submit to.

Usually the web will explain how to submit and usually it is best to submit by postal mail your comp cards/ headshots. 

Remember what images you show on your comp card represent if that agency will call you and want to work with you or not. So spend time crafting your photos, have a plan for your comp card and the photos you really need to best market yourself and your goals. 

If you want to work with agencies are are under 5'8" remember print modeling agencies are best to pursue and print modeling is about personality, upbeat energy and showing expression in your face--sort of like acting, and being natural to hold and use products of all types. It is important to create and send the right type of photos and comp card to print modeling agencies if you want a call back.

A lot of actors are also print models because print modeling involves using your personality and sometimes "acting" as the role of a certain personality or type that fits the vibe of a certain product or campaign.

Also when crafting your photos keep in mind that it is important to already know how to model products naturally, how to be yourself in front of the camera.

Your modeling photos should include shots that show you naturally modeling products, showing personality and shots that actually look like ads, look like you are modeling for something or that the shot is able to be diverse so that you could have been modeling in an ad for any product--even if it was just a shot of you smiling. Here is an example.

I am happy, holding someone's hand, and it could be an ad for a dress company, a restaurant, a travel ad, a hotel, anything. I look like a nice girl ready to have a good time. This is the type of shot that works for commercial print modeling.

In this shot, my smiling is selling the product as I hold the handbag, yes my skirt is a tiny but if I didn't mention that you might not have been focusing on that because my smile and saying "I am confident, I am happy, I love my handbag and myself."

Another area a shorter girl can pursue is "parts modeling" and when creating photos, include products to show off your "parts" or body and always keep it pretty and classy, make it beautiful.

Also it is a good idea to be perceptive to understand that modeling is also about the advertising and marketing worlds. You are not just working in the modeling world, hopefully you will also be a part of the advertising world...advertising for that product, a part of that marketing campaign! :) When you are crafting your photos think Advertising Campaign, Product Ad or Magazine Editorial.


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