Monday, February 14, 2011

The Self-Made Model Life

Underdogs. Unconventional. Unstoppable.

Hey Girls,

The short girl sure has to have a lot of energy to strive as a model. She has roll up her sleeves and really be a part of her pursuits, for what she gains really stems from what she has put in, how she has prepared and how well she has marketed her assets.

A shorter girl is a self-made model.

The self-made model doesn't have an agency that houses her, doesn't have her marketing materials (modeling photos, comp card and portfolio) handed to her. And she is not discovered. No, she sees something in herself and she wonders if she has a chance and she takes it! Makes it!

You are researching a lot as a shorter model. You are researching to find professional photographers, you are researching for find printers for comp cards and prints for your portfolio and you are researching for agencies and learning about what it means to bring what you naturally have forward to be used in the marketing and advertising and editorial worlds of images.

And the more you try, the more you self-invest, the more you seek, the more you have a fighting-spirit the better. The main differences between the tall giraffes and the shorter girls is that the road for the shorter girl is about self-promotion, self-will, and truely 100% self-inspired success. 

The Internet-age is so decieving, it is sad that so many model-sites are popping up, more than ever, and it is sad that these girls get scammed and also are encouraged in the wrong ways to promote their photos in the wrong places.

A shorter girl doesn't have to degrade herself to work as a model, she is no less in value than a fashion model, she has to notice where she can find opportunity realistically and strive towards that direction.

I mention often on this blog print modeling and print modeling agencies, and the photos you need to best market yourself and yoru assets, but the experience, the journey is not quick, usually it is a process, a long process of self-growth as well happens, as you learn how to best market what you have that products, brands and magazines can use.

These days so many magazines, products and brands out there, there is a need for more models of all types, ages, ethnicities, and sizes.  And your personality, your energy, your smile and positive attitude is so important to use when creating photos, and making modeling comp cards to target print modeling.

You have to be perceptive, smart, able to be a self-starter, you have to know your assets and ignore what you might not be...a tall giraffe. You have to see that a huge part of the modeling industry is about personality and products, and less about height and inches.  Perception, heart, and the will to try is everything :)


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