Monday, February 21, 2011

Modeling Castings: shoe castings and thinking ahead for magazine castings

Easy Spirit catalog shot from my portfolio.
Hey Girls,

Today I had a casting  for shoe modeling for a magazine editorial. (remember shoe models are typically a size 6 shoe and most girls this height are shorter) The casting involved showing my feet, legs and thighs while wearing a pair of shoes. Based on my own experiences, what I learn and observe I wanted to share some modeling casting tips.

Remember if the modeling casting is for a magazine to think ahead. Remember that magazines cast for photo-shoots that will appear weeks and months ahead, so if the casting is right now, it will most likely appear in the Spring issues. Also print ads can shoot months ahead sometimes, a Spring campaign will shoot in Winter, so just be aware of these things if possible.  It can help you be better prepared for the casting. If the casting is for shoes and it's the middle of winter, the shoes you will be trying on, wearing, will most likely be sandals, Spring and summer time shoes. In the Spring time you can expect that the shoes will be more fall-ish.

So even though it's cold, like it was today the layers you wear to the casting would come off,-- ankles and legs were needed to be seen today. How did I know? I know that magazines shoot weeks ahead and fashion is preparing a season ahead weeks and months before.
At the casting your photo will be taken, and the focus of the shot is based on the actual modeling job.

I am not 100% always prepared, sometimes you just don't know what the casting will involve, but I try to be in-the-know as much as I can.
So let's say the casting is for a spring or summer time shoe, then you should bring shorts or a skirt because ads and editorials for spring and summer shoes often involve legs of course. So remember shoes also means legs, and to bring proper clothing to best show your assets for the shots during the casting (Usually you can change at the casting/ in the bathroom).

My feet in pink in Woman's World magazine.

Sometimes your agency will tell you what to wear or to bring but sometimes they won't (you can always ask your agency for more detail on the type of shoe, but sometimes the agency might not even be sure).

Also if a casting is for shoes, remember to also always have a nice manicure, shoes/feet and hands most often go together at castings and for modeling jobs. For a shoe ad, or editorial, do you notice how often the models hands are also seen, and here are some tips for shoe modeling and parts modeling

The more prepared you are the better your chances, good luck,


Psst. In my book Short Stuff, I talk about castings and on the job experiences as a petite model and it also shares modeling tips for short chicks.

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