Friday, February 4, 2011

Modeling and skincare regimen: Keeping your skin camera ready

A girl recently asked me through my website contact form: I was wondering if you have a specific skin regimen that you follow? If so what products do you use? I don't have bad skin like on infomercials such as proactiv. It just gets annoying when I have great skin with 3-4 zits showing up out of nowhere. Please help! =)Skin is a big part of modeling as you know and I want to have mine undercontrol.

This is a great question and I hope my skincare tips can also help other aspiring models.

Your skin is a great asset, especially as a shorter model (we have to look beyond our height to get modeling work and having great skin is a great way to book modeling jobs and get a print modeling agency interested in working with you).

Here are some of my basic tips that stem from my own skincare regimen. I have clear skin because I take care of it and have since I was a teenager.

1. I tone, cleanse and wash my face daily with a wash cloth or will put a dab of toner on a piece of toliet paper and lightly dab it against my face or the area that needs attention.

2. I moisturize daily 2 times, once in morning, once before bed. Usually right after a shower. A hot shower can dry out the skin so always moisturize after a shower.  Usually LUSH's Ultralight or their many moisturizers at night or when my skin is having one of those dry feeling days (LUSH has great stuff and I suggest going into the store and getting info on their products by a wonderful LUSH lady or guy on their products, here I am in the LUSH store on Spring and Broadway talking about their products), daily I use Clinique's dramatically different moisturizer gel. This is a go-to-item for me, I like the gel moisturizer, it goes on the face really smooth, light and easy, under the eyes, chin, cheeks, everywhere, absorbs face and feels good. I buy the travel size one, like $12 and it lasts me over a month. Also I used Kiehl's creamy eye treatment with Avocado.

3. If you feel a zit coming on, take care of it at that moment or asap, don't wait until the zit appears. I take a Q-tip and put Clean & Clear deep cleaning astringent on the zit or blemish and I would put a dab on the area of the zit with Clean and Clear's Invisible Blemish Treatment at night. I usually don't use astringent on my whole face, I usually just focus on the area of my face that needs some attention. Sometimes astringent can dry out the skin so I use it but not unless I need it.

I hope the Invisible Blemish Treatment from Clean and Clear is not discontinuing :(  I do like the Clean & Clean brands for my skin and St. Ives, and Neutrogena and Clinique.

4.  I use face masks and cleansers and love the ones from LUSH.  Angels on Bare skin rocks!

5. Weekly, usually on a Sunday or slow day, I give my face a "free makeup day" and let my pores breath, clogging the face with powder and foundation can cause break outs.

6.  I wash my pillowcases often, weekly.  Trust me, it is a good idea for your face! If you wake up with a zit and are like "where the heck did this come from!?" It might be from your pillow or sheets!

7. Don't go to sleep with mascara on, or makeup. Use makeup remover and wash that pretty face before bed.

8. Of course SPF, sunscreen for my face while enjoying a pretty day year round.

It is a good idea to know your face, know the areas of your face that break out and get dry and need attention. Too much product on your face can be a bad thing so don't over do the toning, cleansing and cleaning but you should be taking care of your skin daily.


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