Friday, February 18, 2011

Favorite Little Thing: Durex Love-Box and the Smart Sex app by Housing Works

Hey Girls,

I am about to download the new app by Housing Works! In NYC, smart sex is now available through your smart phone. To download, New Yorkers with Android or Apple mobile phones should look for ‘NYC Condom’ in the Android Market or the iPhone App Store. More info is here.

I wanted to reach out about safe sex because I think it is really important.

I think you should take your time and not rush into having sex and also there is nothing wrong with waiting to do it. I rushed, and I wished I hadn't. I wished I had waited. Looking back it really wasn't worth it. We thought we knew but we actually didn't even know what we were doing with ourselves anyways, and I will admit, I didn't even really enjoy sex until I got older.  I encourage you to not rush into it. 

And if you're going to have sex always remember your self-worth and remember that you, and your future goals and dreams are worth a lot!

Using a condom when you have sex not only protects you but it eases stress as well.  While growing up I recall guys talking about how "it feels better without a condom" but the thing is: wearing one doesn't beat the feeling of being stress free.

If you're going to have sex, and a guy gives you a hassle about wearing a condom, don't do it with him. Tell him, "It's sexier to have sex when you're not "completely" nude. And ask him to put something on,-aka-a condom. And carry on a condom on you.  (I also think telling a guy to put on a condom could be awkward sometimes for a girl, so let's say the moment is near, grab a condom out of your purse and playfully run the condom wrapper across your body and tell him sweetly, not until you put it on.)

Both of you should also want to wear a condom, you can receive a disease and spread one and your own lives are worth more than being careless about it, your future and dreams and goals are worth more than going "completely" nude when you're having sex. And having a baby is a beautiful thing, but at such a young age it puts a lot of stress on the goals you may have for your future, so it is always a good idea to not go "completely nude" when you have sex and be safe.

What bothers me is the way condoms are marketed, the condom commercials, the advertising campaigns, and even the box they come in, tend to be marketed to guys, obviously they are the ones wearing the condom, but I think condom's should be marketed to women as well. To buy and carry condom's in their purse and to encourage females to have a condom. To be safe. I think the condom companies need to make packaging more discreet.
Bright yellow, purple and green boxes are a bit much!

How embarrassing, to go to a drugstore, or even a Target or Walmart and shop for condoms. Heading to the check-out while carrying a bright blue box with Ice and Fire condom's or Ultra Sensitive screaming at all the other customers you pass is annoying enough!

Also at $13.99 a box, it seems kinda pricey. It's not an excuse not to buy them, but I think the condom companies should sell 5 packs or 3 packs for condoms that are more affordable and also discreet to carry. Do you think condoms are expensive? Has the packaging ever made you feel weird about buying condoms?

After some Googling I did find a discreet and affordable solution, I'm still look for more solutions (keep me posted if there is something I should be aware of) and I just want to pat Durex on the back, because I noticed these Durex Love-Box condoms, $3.97, when I was searching for condoms at

Check these Love-Boxes out. I wish they were sold in stores. I think Durex and Walmart should put these in stores, don't you? Right now they are only sold online, would you buy this if it was in stores? Would you be embarrassed? Although there is nothing embarrassing about being safe and carrying condoms. :)
And also here are condoms at Target.
If you're going to have sex, it's sexier not to go completely nude under the sheets (or wherever you are) ... safe and smart is sexy,
~Isobella Jade

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