Thursday, February 24, 2011

Favorite Little Thing: Alba Deep Sea Facial Masque at Ricky's

Hey Girls,

My favorite little thing right is Alba Deep Sea Facial Masque, nothing beats stress like a face mask. We live these very go, go, go lives and it is nice and important to give yourself (and your face) some TLC. You can check out the masks at Ricky's stores or at

Having nice skin is an asset to a shorter model, don't rely on the makeup artist to "clean up" your face, because even though there is Photoshop and all that jazz, it is best if your face is already clear and clean. You might not be giraffe tall but by taking care of your skin you could still book modeling jobs with lifestyle brands and print modeling campaigns and editorials in magazines for health and beauty. 

Aim high and strive on,


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