Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Aspiring models need confidence before they start pursuing modeling

Hey Girls,

Recently the Telegraph, featured Carole White, the founder of Premier models in the UK. She mentions how
"A lot of models have low self-esteem. Most of them are freaks in normal life, aliens, too tall in school, almost all of them have been picked on. "

Perhaps in fashion this is true. But in print modeling, where anyone who has the will can model, most print models I know have a lot of personality and confidence in themselves.

In fashion, a world sprung of fantasy, I can see how an aspiring fashion model would feel intimidated by the agents, the photographers, the stylists tugging and the makeup artists brushing their makeup brushes over their faces, and becoming basically a rag doll. It's like walking into a Wonderland where there is always a huge debate over the extreme little details. Modeling, no matter how tall you are, involves being rejected, being analyzed, being judged, stared at, and not picked for the job. Dwelling on why, and letting the choices of the art direction, marketing professional, photographer seep into your skin and self-esteem can be damaging. Which is why I think an aspiring model, no matter her size needs to have confidence in herself, not just in how she looks, but it is important to like yourself beyond your measurements, or bone structure or by how well you model that product. It is important to understand also that the modeling industry is very large, and although fashion is what the media talks most about, print models of all ages and sizes work within product campaigns, magazine editorials and commercials of all types....and they book the job most of the time not because they were just pretty, or tall, or had the look the client was looking for,-- but also they booked the job because they had personality, they are easy to work with, they are professional, and had more than just their height, inches and weight, and their confidence is what makes the model.

~Isobella Jade

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Laila said...

hi isobelle I recently started reading your blog and watching your videos and I just want to say thank God for them! I'd never thought petite models could get far but thanks to you I have really seen that there's alot more to modelling and it can be just as glamerous :) Thank you so much. I'm 5'5 and 16 years and would love to get into the industry.. just looking for an agency but hopefully all goes well. I'd really love if you checked out my blog and let me know what you think of my look.Thanks