Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ambition makes me feel sexy, it makes me feel good

Hey Girls,

I read an article in Elle magazine's December issue about how ambitious women, even CEO's, often don't call themselves ambitious or use that word, because they feel it desexualizes them. This article has stayed on my mind, and I found that sad, and sad for the sake of other girls and young adults who could benefit from a role model who isn't afraid to say, I am a woman, and I am also ambitious. I want to succeed, I want to use my skills and become all I am capable of being and having ambition doesn't make me less of a woman to want these things, it makes me feel proud and good, and even sexy. Imagine if more women and CEO's, would and could express that ambition is something that helped them get what they gained and accomplish what they accomplished. I don't see why the word ambition should co-side with the words mean or jerk, or bitch, I see ambition and intuition as a positive action for teens and young adults to have.

I don't think if you are ambitious you are a jerk, I think you can be the girl you are and still be am ambitious girl.  And you should want to be, when it comes to doing what you want to do, and being who you want to be.

Being ambitious actually makes me feel sexy, having ambition is what keeps my blood pumping, my head high, my chin up, and my heart racing and chasing and wanting more for myself each day. It isn't easy to feed your own fire, encourage yourself, be your own cheerleader, but having ambition is something I am happy to have.

Isobella Jade

Isobella Jade TM

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