Monday, February 14, 2011

5 ways to be your own book publicist on The Gatekeepers Post

Hey Girls,

I am writing articles at The Gatekeeper Post about branding and self-publishing and publishing and self-publisher marketing tips.

I’m not just an author, for that is only part of it, I am a marketer. Publicity doesn’t just give you and your book credibility, it helps you build your brand platform. No matter if you publish with a large publishing house or self-publish, knowing how to promote yourself to the media is a great asset. Actually, it’s a must-do. Getting buzz on yourself and your book starts with the will to try. By taking a chance on myself, having some guts and being a good researcher, I have gotten featured in global news outlets by simply emailing reporters and introducing myself to media folks. It can be tiring and even awkward when you start promoting yourself and book to news sources, but being ambitious, positive and simply trying, is what it takes to build your own PR platform.

I totally believe and know it is possible to go solo and start building your own PR platform successfully and here are 5 tips for approaching the press to become the news.

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