Friday, February 25, 2011

Win a pair of custom shoes and a signed copy a book of your choice!

Hey Girls, Only a few more days to submit to win a custom pair of shoes or pumps from and also win a signed copy of either Almost 5'4", Short Stuff or Model Life.  The contest ends 2/28/2011 

2 winners!

Send me a photo of yourself modeling/rocking your favorite pair of shoes or pumps to

Here are the contest details:
This weekend send on over your photos, contest ends Monday!
Aim high and strive,

New post at The Beautiful Undead is up

Hey Girls, 

A new post is up at The Beautiful Undead. When I am not working on my YA series, writing a screenplay, going on model castings, and marketing my projects I am writing at

The Beautiful Undead vampires have taken over the modeling world. And when Viv, the most beautiful and successful undead model commits suicide, the dark secrets of the industry are found in her keepsake journal, and every week the gruesome and bloody truth of the day-and-the-life of being a Beautiful Undead are exposed. It starts with just a girl and a dream.
You can also read the series here on

Favorite Little Thing: Pleasure Doing Business skirts

Hey Girls,

I'm  intrigued with this navy with white polka dots skirt from Pleasure Doing Business. So cute! And would look really nice on a petite like me!  XSMALL!


Favorite Little Thing: She Died of Kisses t-shirt

Hey Girls,

While reading February Elle, I discovered theses t-shirts from the She Died of Beauty collection, they are super cute, and as they put it they are
“a teasing yet affectionate tickle."

I like the She Died of Kisses t-shirt, and it is one of my favorite little things, 


Thursday, February 24, 2011

My favorite Sports Illustration Swimsuit issue photos of 2011

Hey Girls,

Here are my favorite Sports Illustration Swimsuit issue photos for 2011 issue. I took the pics of my favorites with my iPhone while flipping through the magazine.   And I do think some of the shots that involve smiles are similar examples of a commercial print type swimwear shot, which should involve more of a personality appeal involved than pure glamour.

Model, Kenza Fourati. Photographer Steve Erle

Model, Kenza Fourati. Photographer Steve Erle

Model, Cintia Dicker. Photographer Warwick Saint

Model, Cintia Dicker. Photographer Warwick Saint

Model, Esti Ginzburg. Photographer Raphael Mazucco

Model, Irina Shayk. Photographer Raphael Mazucco

I chatted with Sports Illustrated photographer Steve Erle on a previous segment on my podcast radio show, you can listen to him about models, fashion, and photography here:


New York based designer Mara Hoffman and Skintimate are looking for female fashion designers

Hey Girls,

I recently heard that New York based designer Mara Hoffman and Skintimate (the go-to brand for shaving and prep products) are looking for the next generation of female fashion designers with the launch of the second Skintimate Studios Ready for Everything design program online at
Here is the scoop for the contest:

From February 9th to March 23rd, aspiring designers will visit and enter for a chance to win a two week internship with Hoffman helping her team prepare for her 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim show. Contestants will upload a female dress design that conveys the theme “Ready for Everything.” In addition to the design, girls will need to answer two questions: Explain details of your design and why it represents the theme “Ready for Everything,” and share what unique qualities you posses and bring to the fashion world. Designs and essays will be judged for both versatility and original creative expression.

Skintimate, along with Hoffman, will select ten final designs which will be announced online April 21st. The finalists’ designs will premier on the Skintimate Studios website from April 21st through May 18th allowing America to cast their vote for their favorite. The winning designer will be announced online May 25th and will be given the chance to spend two weeks with Hoffman and her team in New York and Miami as she debuts her line at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim show in Miami. The nine other finalists will receive a deluxe fashion prize pack filled with must-have items to help kick start their fashion careers.

In addition to the internship search, fans 13 years of age and older can also visit the Skintimate Studios website to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a Mara Hoffman scarf and a grand prize for one lucky girl and a guest/chaperone to go to Miami and attend Mara’s show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim show in July.

Also, aspiring models: Just because you are not giraffe tall doesn't mean you can't use your legs to model. Shoe modeling often involves your legs, and think about swimwear, and health and fitness modeling. Remember that keeping your legs clean and shaven and pretty basically at all times is important as an aspiring model, because castings are last minute, and you want to be best prepared. Personally I am not into waxing...anything, and I shave and use shaving cream.  You can check out Skintimate products here. And here are some design tips from Mara Hoffman:


Favorite Little Thing: Alba Deep Sea Facial Masque at Ricky's

Hey Girls,

My favorite little thing right is Alba Deep Sea Facial Masque, nothing beats stress like a face mask. We live these very go, go, go lives and it is nice and important to give yourself (and your face) some TLC. You can check out the masks at Ricky's stores or at

Having nice skin is an asset to a shorter model, don't rely on the makeup artist to "clean up" your face, because even though there is Photoshop and all that jazz, it is best if your face is already clear and clean. You might not be giraffe tall but by taking care of your skin you could still book modeling jobs with lifestyle brands and print modeling campaigns and editorials in magazines for health and beauty. 

Aim high and strive on,


fire-up your positive spirit

Hey Girls,

No matter your pursuit, no matter your size, or your height and no matter where you are from, no matter if you start with nothing, or from scratch, remember you gotta strive for it with your heart, strive with the mindset that there will be days that are not so great, and strive for it while knowing you might very often be your own cheerleader, and need to fire-up your positive spirit, you gotta strive for it knowing that trying is the biggest part of accomplishing. Give yourself a chance to strive.

When you are working towards something, it helps to have something that you can turn to for inspiration when you are having an off day or moment.

My time is limited, I don't spend hours and hours watching TV, there is a lot of other things going on, and when I watch movies, or TV, or read it is usually for the sake of learning something, to learn something about something that will make me feel inspired. If it isn't heartful or inspiring, or has a lesson or humanistic story attached to it, I usually don't spend time watching or reading it.

For me, I enjoy reading most memoirs and biographies of people and women who are overcoming challenges and have paved their own way.  I don't read or get too absorbed with gossip or crap that is lacking heart, and instead I think it is best to keep your mind thirsty to learn and to be influenced by the positive. I like learning how something started, whether it is from a story about an aspiring or growing small company, or a person who is overcoming the odds, or even a horse, I love the book Seabiscuit and the movie Seabiscuit, I loved reading the book Chanel: A Woman of her Own, and What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures by Malcolm Gladwell was good, the book involves stories, ex: Why are there dozens of varieties of mustard but only one variety of ketchup? What do football players teach us about how to hire teachers? What does hair dye tell us about the hustory of the twentieth century?  To me the stories that are based on questions and wonders like this which are found in the book, they are interesting and inspiring as well.  Check out this book called "The Happiness Project" -Have you heard of it? Check out a sample chapter:

What inspires you, gets you thinking, fires you up, and what do you do when you need some inspiration?


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A chat with Lauren Sherman from on petite fashion, models and more

Hey Girls,

I recently had a chat with Lauren Sherman, the Executive Editor at, about models and plus-size fashion and petite fashion:

Isobella Jade: What fashion advertising campaigns are you loving right now?

Lauren Sherman: Chloe, Mulberry, Prada, Miu Miu

IJ: There is more to modeling than fashion, and most working models are actually not giraffe tall, they are all ages and sizes and ethnicities, and work as print models and are seen in non-fashion and life-style product campaigns nationally and around the globe. However, despite the few shorter celebrities in fashion campaigns, do you think fashion will ever welcome the shorter model one day? Do you think the consumer/fashionista wants to see a giraffe tall model, and loves that fantasy of length and proportions, or do you think the consumer would still buy and admire that dress, that handbag, that skirt if a shorter model was modeling it?

LS: I think there's a reason tall models walk the runway--it's because they fit the sample size without any alterations. As for campaign work--it doesn't matter your height. Kate Moss is only 5'7", Hannah Holman is only 5'7", there's a new model, Charlotte Free, who is quite tiny. I think the runway will always be dominated by tall models, but for campaigns and editorials, anything goes.

IJ: There is a lot of talk in the media about “plus size”, mainly about plus-size models. There is a great site called, that shares that “More than 60% of American women and teens are size 12 and above” but I am not so sure that the plus-size girl really has begun to have more choices realistically when she shops; do you think retailers really are going to start bringing more plus sizes into their retail stores? Have you seen any retail brands recently make the jump to include plus sizes?

LS: Truthfully? Not any time soon. The big problem is that sizes over 12 or 14 don't sell well at retailers that aren't known for carrying plus size. However, I think the good news is that the web is a place where it's easier to sell plus size clothes. A retailer like the Gap or J.Crew can make enough size 16s to sell online. I think that plus size women need to be even more vocal about what they want from brands. And there is some hope: Saks just added a designer plus size department to its New York City flagship--plus size items from Chanel and more will be available there.

IJ:  Retail stores like TopShop are starting to include a “petite section” within their stores, and this area includes a limited amount of styles that are fitted in the arm length and pant length for a petite (under 5’5” girl); have you noticed more “petite sizes” available when you are shopping?

LS: Even for someone who is quite tall--I'm 5'8"--most jeans are too long on me! I think you'll find that denim has made the most strides in this area. J.Crew also sells petites. I think all women--petite or not--should rely on a good tailor. They can make anything fit perfectly.

IJ: Do you think “petite catered fashion” will become more available in retail stores within the next five years?

LS: Much like plus size, it's hard for retailers to produce a ton of petite products because they don't sell as well as straight sizes. But if the demand is voiced, it may happen.

IJ: What brands would you suggest that a petite girl check out?

LS: Paige and J.Brand both do petite sizes. So does J.Crew, Topshop, Calvin Klein, Not Your Daughters Jeans.

IJ: What trends this Spring and Fall do you think are flattering on petite girls?

LS: I think that anyone can pull off any trend they like--as long as everything is in proportion. If you're going to go for the high-waisted flare jeans, make sure to have them hemmed properly and to wear shoes that elongate your legs. You can even wear long dresses--just make sure you don't drown in it.

IJ: I agree. So, what are 5 go-to items that you suggest that every girl have in her closet no matter her size?

LS:  trench coat

silk button down shirt

something red

a great pair of crazy shoes

a black skirt

For more on fashion, style and beauty stop by

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Research is such an important asset

Hey Girls,

Research is such an important asset for an aspiring model or anyone pursuing anything, learn all you can.

Haven't been feeling my best today. About to watch a movie, have some chicken noodle soup, and preparing some notes for a YA novel and my projects, it's hard to just sit and do nothing, my mind runs wild. Tomorrow got lots to mail out, and cross fingers for. :)


Monday, February 21, 2011

Modeling Castings: shoe castings and thinking ahead for magazine castings

Easy Spirit catalog shot from my portfolio.
Hey Girls,

Today I had a casting  for shoe modeling for a magazine editorial. (remember shoe models are typically a size 6 shoe and most girls this height are shorter) The casting involved showing my feet, legs and thighs while wearing a pair of shoes. Based on my own experiences, what I learn and observe I wanted to share some modeling casting tips.

Remember if the modeling casting is for a magazine to think ahead. Remember that magazines cast for photo-shoots that will appear weeks and months ahead, so if the casting is right now, it will most likely appear in the Spring issues. Also print ads can shoot months ahead sometimes, a Spring campaign will shoot in Winter, so just be aware of these things if possible.  It can help you be better prepared for the casting. If the casting is for shoes and it's the middle of winter, the shoes you will be trying on, wearing, will most likely be sandals, Spring and summer time shoes. In the Spring time you can expect that the shoes will be more fall-ish.

So even though it's cold, like it was today the layers you wear to the casting would come off,-- ankles and legs were needed to be seen today. How did I know? I know that magazines shoot weeks ahead and fashion is preparing a season ahead weeks and months before.
At the casting your photo will be taken, and the focus of the shot is based on the actual modeling job.

I am not 100% always prepared, sometimes you just don't know what the casting will involve, but I try to be in-the-know as much as I can.
So let's say the casting is for a spring or summer time shoe, then you should bring shorts or a skirt because ads and editorials for spring and summer shoes often involve legs of course. So remember shoes also means legs, and to bring proper clothing to best show your assets for the shots during the casting (Usually you can change at the casting/ in the bathroom).

My feet in pink in Woman's World magazine.

Sometimes your agency will tell you what to wear or to bring but sometimes they won't (you can always ask your agency for more detail on the type of shoe, but sometimes the agency might not even be sure).

Also if a casting is for shoes, remember to also always have a nice manicure, shoes/feet and hands most often go together at castings and for modeling jobs. For a shoe ad, or editorial, do you notice how often the models hands are also seen, and here are some tips for shoe modeling and parts modeling

The more prepared you are the better your chances, good luck,


Psst. In my book Short Stuff, I talk about castings and on the job experiences as a petite model and it also shares modeling tips for short chicks.

This article called: Washington: the 'blackest name' in America caught my eye today.

Psst. There is a new biography out called "Washington: A Life" by Ron Chernow. We learn about the Presidents in school but it's nice to get a refreshment sometimes. I don't know if I'd read this whole book front to back, but maybe it would sit on my coffee table to pick up now and then ya know, next time I'm eating mac and cheese or some wine with some friends maybe whip it out.  Did you know...? kind of thing.

This article called: Washington: the 'blackest name' in America caught my eye today.

I think it is a good idea to know things, and continue to learn things all your life, you can have those cute shoes but I think it is best to not let one thing define you, your brain and your heart are the most important parts of you.


Dear Bloomingdales, as an author,writer and reader, this window display kind of upsets me

Dear Bloomingdales, As an author,writer and reader, this window display kind of upsets me. I get that LA is for enjoying the sun and going to hot spots but still. Why are you crossing out books? Are you saying you can't be fashionable and hold a book or know how to read? Or that reading is not fashionable or goes well with that handbag?  It seems like you're saying that if a girl likes to shop she can't like to read?  I don't care where she is from, or what city she is jet setting to, this is a terrible window display. I like fashion, and wear the highest heels in NYC daily and have wicked cute handbags and I was in your store this past weekend but I also know how to read, and like reading. I mean, if you don't like to hold a book in your hand, then at least put iPad, Nook or Kindle. WTF! 

You can party, have fun, chill out, dance it up, but don't diss books or reading please.

~Isobella Jade

There is still time to submit to win a pair of custom shoes or pumps!

Hey Girls,

There's still time to submit to win a pair of custom shoes or pumps! In our logo infested world, can't stand having the same ol' thing, same logo, same design, uuhhh puke, no thanks, that's just not me.....don't you like having something that no one else has.

As I've mentioned in other posts, this month I am doing a collaboration with MAG from: my readers can win a pair of custom shoes or pumps.

This custom shoes contest giveaway ends on the 28th!

One winner will receive a pair of custom pumps.
One winner will receive a pair of custom Vans or Converse shoes.

Show me your shoe modeing skills and send me a photo of yourself rocking a pair of your own favorite shoes to , and 2 winners will be chosen, One for a pair of custom pumps and one for Converse or Van shoes!

Here are more details and the scoop:

A winter wonderland!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Going to try out the Sephora skincare collection brand eye cream

Hey Girls,

Height isn't everything in modelnig. My skin is what helps me book modeling jobs. Having clear skin is an asset for a model, especially can help a a non-fashion model book work as a print model. Taking care of your skin should be a daily routine. Today I stopped in Sephora and saw their skincare collection. It caught my eye and I bought the eye-cream. I'll let you know my thoughts.  Check out Sephora's skincare collection here.  What creams and lotions do you use?


Friday, February 18, 2011

Photos from the modeling jobs in my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model

Hey Girls,

To follow-up from my early pursuits as a model captured in my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" I wrote another book called Short Stuff on the job with an x-small model. Short Stuff features stories from on the job as a body part model, including modeling jobs with Marshalls, Macy's, Victoria's Secret, Easy Spirit, hand modeling for Bon Appetit magazine and many other experiences on the job and also casting confessions.

Here are some images from some of those experiences.

Bon Appetit:


Easy Spirit.

Victoria's Secret.

The little guy can get it done!


Psst:  You can find my book Short Stuff (which also includes modeling tips for short chicks) on Amazon here, and here and in stores. If you already enjoyed the on-the-job experiences and stories and the tips for short chicks, in my book Short Stuff  please let me know by sharing what you liked about it on or :) thanks. Coming up next month more contests and giveaways! Thanks :) And you can read an excerpt of the book here.

Favorite Little Thing: Durex Love-Box and the Smart Sex app by Housing Works

Hey Girls,

I am about to download the new app by Housing Works! In NYC, smart sex is now available through your smart phone. To download, New Yorkers with Android or Apple mobile phones should look for ‘NYC Condom’ in the Android Market or the iPhone App Store. More info is here.

I wanted to reach out about safe sex because I think it is really important.

I think you should take your time and not rush into having sex and also there is nothing wrong with waiting to do it. I rushed, and I wished I hadn't. I wished I had waited. Looking back it really wasn't worth it. We thought we knew but we actually didn't even know what we were doing with ourselves anyways, and I will admit, I didn't even really enjoy sex until I got older.  I encourage you to not rush into it. 

And if you're going to have sex always remember your self-worth and remember that you, and your future goals and dreams are worth a lot!

Using a condom when you have sex not only protects you but it eases stress as well.  While growing up I recall guys talking about how "it feels better without a condom" but the thing is: wearing one doesn't beat the feeling of being stress free.

If you're going to have sex, and a guy gives you a hassle about wearing a condom, don't do it with him. Tell him, "It's sexier to have sex when you're not "completely" nude. And ask him to put something on,-aka-a condom. And carry on a condom on you.  (I also think telling a guy to put on a condom could be awkward sometimes for a girl, so let's say the moment is near, grab a condom out of your purse and playfully run the condom wrapper across your body and tell him sweetly, not until you put it on.)

Both of you should also want to wear a condom, you can receive a disease and spread one and your own lives are worth more than being careless about it, your future and dreams and goals are worth more than going "completely" nude when you're having sex. And having a baby is a beautiful thing, but at such a young age it puts a lot of stress on the goals you may have for your future, so it is always a good idea to not go "completely nude" when you have sex and be safe.

What bothers me is the way condoms are marketed, the condom commercials, the advertising campaigns, and even the box they come in, tend to be marketed to guys, obviously they are the ones wearing the condom, but I think condom's should be marketed to women as well. To buy and carry condom's in their purse and to encourage females to have a condom. To be safe. I think the condom companies need to make packaging more discreet.
Bright yellow, purple and green boxes are a bit much!

How embarrassing, to go to a drugstore, or even a Target or Walmart and shop for condoms. Heading to the check-out while carrying a bright blue box with Ice and Fire condom's or Ultra Sensitive screaming at all the other customers you pass is annoying enough!

Also at $13.99 a box, it seems kinda pricey. It's not an excuse not to buy them, but I think the condom companies should sell 5 packs or 3 packs for condoms that are more affordable and also discreet to carry. Do you think condoms are expensive? Has the packaging ever made you feel weird about buying condoms?

After some Googling I did find a discreet and affordable solution, I'm still look for more solutions (keep me posted if there is something I should be aware of) and I just want to pat Durex on the back, because I noticed these Durex Love-Box condoms, $3.97, when I was searching for condoms at

Check these Love-Boxes out. I wish they were sold in stores. I think Durex and Walmart should put these in stores, don't you? Right now they are only sold online, would you buy this if it was in stores? Would you be embarrassed? Although there is nothing embarrassing about being safe and carrying condoms. :)
And also here are condoms at Target.
If you're going to have sex, it's sexier not to go completely nude under the sheets (or wherever you are) ... safe and smart is sexy,
~Isobella Jade

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Contests and sweeps that caught my eye

Hey Girls,

Did you know that Seventeen magazine is looking for a cover model?  The contest is called Pretty Amazing, check it out here.

Seventeen magazine is also holding a sweeps for a live performance by R&B star Keri Hilson at Prom. And as a bonus, Anderson's Prom and Party will provide all the decorations for your prom theme.
Info is here:

At Teen Vogue you can win an Aspiring Fashion Designer Prize Pack, with the books DIY Fashion, Advanced Fashion Illustration and Fashion & Textiles, plus a high-quality sketchbook, info here:

Also you can submit to win a Prom dress of your choice at Teen Vogue, here is the scoop on the contest:

When you register for Body by Glamour you’re automatically entered to win a $50 Rent the Runway gift card that can be used toward renting designer dresses and accessories. Plus, each day you log a meal or workout in the program, you’ll get additional chances to win. Promotion begins February 2, 2011, at 12:01 A.M. EST and ends March 3, 2011, at 11:59 P.M. EST, when all entries must be received. No purchase necessary. Read More

Ambition makes me feel sexy, it makes me feel good

Hey Girls,

I read an article in Elle magazine's December issue about how ambitious women, even CEO's, often don't call themselves ambitious or use that word, because they feel it desexualizes them. This article has stayed on my mind, and I found that sad, and sad for the sake of other girls and young adults who could benefit from a role model who isn't afraid to say, I am a woman, and I am also ambitious. I want to succeed, I want to use my skills and become all I am capable of being and having ambition doesn't make me less of a woman to want these things, it makes me feel proud and good, and even sexy. Imagine if more women and CEO's, would and could express that ambition is something that helped them get what they gained and accomplish what they accomplished. I don't see why the word ambition should co-side with the words mean or jerk, or bitch, I see ambition and intuition as a positive action for teens and young adults to have.

I don't think if you are ambitious you are a jerk, I think you can be the girl you are and still be am ambitious girl.  And you should want to be, when it comes to doing what you want to do, and being who you want to be.

Being ambitious actually makes me feel sexy, having ambition is what keeps my blood pumping, my head high, my chin up, and my heart racing and chasing and wanting more for myself each day. It isn't easy to feed your own fire, encourage yourself, be your own cheerleader, but having ambition is something I am happy to have.

Isobella Jade

Isobella Jade TM

Win a pair of custom pumps contest is going on until Feb 28th!

Hey Girls,


Yesterday I mentioned how you can win a copy of the savvy book: Be Your Own Best Publicist!

And also for the month of February 2011, I am hosting a contest collaboration with MAG from for my readers to win a pair of custom shoes or pumps!

The contest submission details are here: 
All are welcome, all heights, ages and all shoe sizes welcome to submit a photo of themselves rocking a pair of shoes they love. Show us your shoe modeling skills. Bring personality, let shoe ads inspire you.

We will be posting the top entries on my blog and on

The contest is based on your own love of shoes!
Email your submission jpg pics to:
Submission deadline: February 28th 2011.

•To submit to win the Custom Designed Pumps send a photo of yourself wearing a pair of pumps or heels you own and love to wear to Please put in the subject: “Custom HEELS.” Show us your personality and basically rock the pumps/ heels in your own style in the pic. (The winner will receive custom pumps will be Nine West pumps)
•To submit to win a Custom Designed Vans or Converse shoes, send a pic of yourself wearing a pair of sneakers, Vans or Converse, or whatever you have, to Please put in the subject: “Custom Vans or Converse."

The 2 winners will be chosen based on your personal style and the way you rock your shoes. The photo/s should be print modeling friendly/nothing too provocative. The contest photo submission doesn’t have to be professional; your friend could take it, but make the shot about the shoes and how you wear them and rock them! :)
Feel free to include in your submission what idea you have for a custom designed shoe or pump!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Win a copy of Be Your Own Best Publicist and podcast segment details.

Hey Girls,

Today I chatted with PR geniuses and co-authors Jessica Kleiman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper, they are the authors of the savvy new book called, "Be Your Own Best Publicist: How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed, Hired and Rewarded at Work." And I am giving away a copy of Be Your Own Best Publicist! And also a copy of my modeling memoir Almost 5'4". Just email me at with Be Your Own Best Publicist in the subject and share how you are using PR techniques to strive within your pursuits/ in the workplace?

Deadline: 2/23/2011

Be Your Own Best Publicist is full of insightful and useful tips for landing a job, getting a promotion and being all you are capable of being on the job and getting noticed for it. And it's written in an inspiring style.

It reads like a friend chatting with you, sharing with you their lived-through tips. I know you will find the book helpful and handy for all types of pursuits, whether you are just out of college, starting out job hunting, or trying to get a promotion and noticed for the hard work you put in...or an aspiring model. The PR techniques are for all pursuits in life to grasp and use to get ahead and get where they want to be.

Hard work is something I believe in. I think working hard is a good thing, not something to cringe about, the journey of striving to do something is about not giving up, it takes work, and journey is the best part.

The Journey is where all the networking and self-growth happens and where accomplishments are made, and like Jessica Kleiman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper have mentioned in their book, and during our podcast segment, during that journey there is great importance in, "Being resourceful and flexible and having a plan B," while building your reputation, promoting your skills and making yourself indispensable. The book shares the three P's. Prepare, Project and Protect.
  • Prepare by developing your personal story.
  • Project your personality, image and key messages.
  • Protect the image you've created.
I always say in modeling to: Do your research and be prepared for what you are walking in to. A model is also a marketer.

So, you should know: What is that casting for? What have their previous campaigns looked like? What is the image of the brand/company, magazine, etc., so you can go prepared, and look the part and have a better chance of booking that job and getting that opportunity. To show you can do something and that you are good for the job, you often have to first prove you can, whether it be in the professional photos you've crafted or the words you choose, presentation matters, present yourself- first impressions matter, yes, in modeling too.

The better you are at selling yourself, skills and assets in all different situations the more of a chance that you will get that chance. And you know I talk non-stop talk about believing in yourself, and knowing yourself and assets. The same message can be said within an office job or any job really.

Also cmmunication skills are so important to not take for granted, and knowing how to communicate and being able to talk to anyone is an important asset when it comes to networking and build contacts and striving. I don't just mean talking through social media, although social media, facebook, twitter are self branding and communication tools, knowing how to spark up conversation is not something to dismay. It is important, yes even in this Internet and Digital-Age.

And Jessica Kleiman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper mention in Be Your Own Best Publicist, and also on my podcast, that when you’re going to an event, meeting or corporate get together you can relax by, "Being prepared to talk about a news event," and to be prepared with topics to chat about ahead of time. I have started conversations by asking a person I didn't not know, "How do you know the host of the event, or so and so," or "Where did you hear of this event?" And when I was at a romance reading recently I asked someone I didn't know, "When did you start reading romance novels?"

Remember for modeling it's about if your look fits what the art director, editor or casting director is looking for, but everyone loves a person with some personality, someone who brings a smile. Even as a model, sometimes you have a few minutes or seconds to make a little extra impression to an editor, casting director or photographer during a casting. It's so important to have a good attitude and smiling is always a good idea. And if you can bring a compliment that is always nice. Sometimes I've complimented on the clients last campaign, or if it was a shoe modeling casting sometimes I have said sweetly, "This is such a cute shoe" "This is a great heel," or "great color!" etc. Showing interest in the brand, client, magazine, casting that you are attending, can make you memorable. When I am complimented on my own modeling comp card, I have taken a quick moment to share a little more detail of the images, "Oh that was for an Easy Spirit campaign," or "I loved that shoot, it was for___." Bring your professionalism and some personality.

I mention on this blog that models, especially shorter models, have to really work to build their network: know hair stylists, know stylists, know photographers, and even knowing editors at magazines can be of benefit. I got my first tearsheets myself, my first tearsheet actually came from a photographer thinking of me after we met, and he needed someone last minute, someone who was easy to work with and had pep/personality. Me! Another time, I worked with a photographer who pulled jewelry from a boutique store and had networked with local brands and stores, and after our shoot he pitched the editor of a local Miami magazine the editorial photo story and it got published. I've learned the importance of networking, bringing more to the job than just your face, etc., bringing your ability to be "a part of the project" can also be important. Once on the job shooting a shoe campaign, I suggested some ideas for the next shot when the art director was stumped.

During our chat Jessica Kleiman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper mentioned how being resourceful and having a positive attitude, being a problem solver is a skill that is a big asset. They shared an experience when the Internet got turned off before a major press release had to go out, so instead of settling on saying, "Oh well, this sucks" or "I guess we can't do this now,"--they suggested to get resourceful--by packing up and heading to an Internet cafe and getting the press release out anyways. Make it happen, make it work, find a way, think fast, and be willing to be innovative and resourceful.

Models can also be resourceful too.

Photos are an aspiring models major marketing tool, so when working on your photos for your comp card and portfolio, the ability to pull a handbag from your friend's collect, use your friends coffee shop as a location, or know a hairstylist at a local hair salon who might want to be a part of your own photo shoot could lead to building relationships and even getting modeling jobs. Let's say you are a new aspiring model, without much experience and you want to approach a professional photographer who has a lot of experience and has shot for magazines and campaigns, or even a photographer for just a headshot,--if you can at least offer a location, a stylist, a makeup artist, an idea,- you might get a chance to work with them, by being more than just "another model" it shows your professionalism, even if you are new to the game.

Also as an aspiring model you should be networking with those who are also ambitious and aspiring, I met one of my best friends at an accessories trade show and ended up modeling for her aspiring handbag line, now her handbags have been seen in magazines and also on the show Gossip Girl, but I knew her when she was starting out and was one of her first models. Later, I helped her get some buzz for her brand and when an article ran on her, obviously I was the model in the photo that was used. It helped me build experience when I was starting out to work with a growing brand and I also gained a great friend.

When I asked Jessica Kleiman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper about how a newbie at the interview process can prepare, and how to celebrate their strengths during the job interview and handle the question: Tell me about yourself?

The ladies suggested before the interview to: "Write down how they would describe themselves, write down a list adjectives, what makes you unique, what makes you different, what makes you, you?" and "Ask your mom, best friend, boyfriend and also someone you don't know quite well. And see how they line up," because "it's a good way to whittle down what your key assets are." And think about the job description and why you are good for the job.

Be Your Own Best Publicist also shares quotes and stories of professionals and career coaches, I like the one from Maggie Mistal, "Soul search before the job search."

If you missed the show today with Jessica Kleiman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper, you can listen to the segment here or download it on iTunes to your iPod/iPhone and carry it with you throughout your pursuits:

Aim high and strive,
~Isobella Jade
P.s: I have had a lot of coffee today!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tomorrow a podcast segment about Being Your Own Best Publicist!

Hey Girls,

Tomorrow 2/16/2011 at 2 PM on my podcast radio show, I will be having a chat with co-authors Jessica Kleiman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper  about how public relations and PR skills can land you the opportunities you have been striving for in the workplace.

In the book "Be Your Own Best Publicist: How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed, Hired and Rewarded at Work," Jessica Kleiman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper, share a take no crap, don’t give up and be prepared for your success attitude.

2/16/ 2011


Tune into the segment here:

Some elements of the MANY in the book that caught my eye were:
The Importance of Paying Attention to Your Surroundings.

The importance of knowing how to strike up conversation anywhere.

The Importance of listening to what others have to say.

How your smile speaks.

Prepare for your personal pitch.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Self-Made Model Life

Underdogs. Unconventional. Unstoppable.

Hey Girls,

The short girl sure has to have a lot of energy to strive as a model. She has roll up her sleeves and really be a part of her pursuits, for what she gains really stems from what she has put in, how she has prepared and how well she has marketed her assets.

A shorter girl is a self-made model.

The self-made model doesn't have an agency that houses her, doesn't have her marketing materials (modeling photos, comp card and portfolio) handed to her. And she is not discovered. No, she sees something in herself and she wonders if she has a chance and she takes it! Makes it!

You are researching a lot as a shorter model. You are researching to find professional photographers, you are researching for find printers for comp cards and prints for your portfolio and you are researching for agencies and learning about what it means to bring what you naturally have forward to be used in the marketing and advertising and editorial worlds of images.

And the more you try, the more you self-invest, the more you seek, the more you have a fighting-spirit the better. The main differences between the tall giraffes and the shorter girls is that the road for the shorter girl is about self-promotion, self-will, and truely 100% self-inspired success. 

The Internet-age is so decieving, it is sad that so many model-sites are popping up, more than ever, and it is sad that these girls get scammed and also are encouraged in the wrong ways to promote their photos in the wrong places.

A shorter girl doesn't have to degrade herself to work as a model, she is no less in value than a fashion model, she has to notice where she can find opportunity realistically and strive towards that direction.

I mention often on this blog print modeling and print modeling agencies, and the photos you need to best market yourself and yoru assets, but the experience, the journey is not quick, usually it is a process, a long process of self-growth as well happens, as you learn how to best market what you have that products, brands and magazines can use.

These days so many magazines, products and brands out there, there is a need for more models of all types, ages, ethnicities, and sizes.  And your personality, your energy, your smile and positive attitude is so important to use when creating photos, and making modeling comp cards to target print modeling.

You have to be perceptive, smart, able to be a self-starter, you have to know your assets and ignore what you might not be...a tall giraffe. You have to see that a huge part of the modeling industry is about personality and products, and less about height and inches.  Perception, heart, and the will to try is everything :)


P.s: You can get Almost 5'4" as an eBook for the Kindle or Nook :)