Monday, January 24, 2011

Writing from the Apple store essay on Almost 5'4"

Hey Girls,

I wrote this essay/blog for the awesome YA community writing site, about my writing from the Apple store,-- hence writing my first book, my modeling memoir Almost 5'4", at the Apple Store in SoHo on Prince Street in NYC.

I'm writing a weekly writing series at YA site called The Beautiful Undead, and you already might know about my experience writing Almost 5'4" at the Apple store but here is some more details:

Also you can read Almost 5'4" as an eBook and check it out here on Amazon and here on
Also for my US readers, if you would like a signed and personalized copy of Almost 5'4" see the right side of this blog where it mentions to order a signed copy or email me at

I first self-published Almost 5'4", then HarperCollins in the UK brought it out, and you can find it online and in stores and I wrote it for the underdogs who are chasing a dream and their chance.

"As I put on one of the five coats I had once owned, I suddenly missed my old apartment in Astoria. I missed living in the college dorms. I missed the comfort of feeling normal and complacent, and yet complacency frightened me. My hopes to succeed as a model always won out over complacency, and it was worth it because in my hungriest, lowest moments a job would always appear at the last moment, as if to exercise my strength and patience. " from the prologue of Almost 5'4"

Aim high and strive, and always try,

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