Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wore my Burberry dress on date night tonight at Trattoria Cinque in Tribeca

Hey Girls,

Date night with husband outfit. Burberry dress, Nina booties, Brooks Brothers purse, grandma's bracelet :)
I sooo loved the Ravioli di Brasato braised short rib stuffed pasta at Trattoria Cinque in Tribeca, a very cool spot, "where there is a “5” discipline to showcase the five best of everything in Italian cuisine" pics of Trattoria Cinque,
Even though it was 20 degrees out tonight I wore this cute Burberry dress with a United Colors of Benneton sweater and my jacket, but I def showed off the dress at dinner and I can't wait to wear this dress more often when it warms up.  :) ~Isobella

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Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous!