Sunday, January 2, 2011

When social issues, advertising and fashion unite: Oliviero Toscani

Hey Girls, After hearing about the death of French model Isabelle Caro, I went to research the photographer who shot Isabelle in the "No Anorexia" campaign, Oliviero Toscani. 

Oliviero Toscani produces olive oil and breeds horses in Tuscany, and he has shot many advertising campaigns you have most likely seen that have been exposed around the world. He has designed many awesome controversial advertising campaigns for the Italian fashion brand United Colors of Benetton ( I love the Institutional Campaigns Bennetton has done over the years and I also like how if models are used in the campaigns they are all different ethnicities, unconventional, and the models are more humanistic and have a lifestyle appeal. Also I love it when fashion ad campaigns create social awareness about present day social issues). Anyways, Oliviero Toscani is creating a new research facility with La Regione Toscana for modern communication called 'La Sterpia'.

The type of advertising and images in advertisiing that I love have a meaningful message attached to it, I love it when an image tells the story or shares the message, which makes you think, laugh, smile, feel connected not just to the brand but to what the brand stands for, and it touches your heart or stays on your mind. Sometimes it appears in a humanistic style, a shocking, eye-popping way, or with heart or rawness.  You may not totally dig it, but I do. ~Isobella

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