Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What is a model casting and what is a go-see?

Hey Girls,

A girl on Facebook recently asked me what a go-see was, knowing these model terms are a good idea if you are pursuing modeling and while working with agencies.  However an agency never really told me what a go-see was or the difference, I just observed and learned as I went along.

A go-see is like a model casting, but instead of just showing up without prior notice, meaning for a "casting" the client doesn't know your name ahead of time or what you look like, you just show up and usually there are many or can be masses of girls. For a go-see the client has reviewed the talent/models they want to see at the casting ahead of time( the client prob saw a photo of you from comp cards the agency has sent the client or the website of the agency ahead of time), so for a go-see the client KNOWS you are coming, knows your name, what you look like and is expecting you.

Usually expecting you at a certain time.

Go-sees tend to have less traffic, less models, and the client has already seen photos before hand and has already narrowed down the girls/models they want to see. So you will be going to see a client, a marketing professional, an editor, a photographer, a casting director, etc. who ever is casting the job, to see if you are what they are looking for, for the job.
So when you get to the go-see typically your name will be on a list already waiting to be checked off.

A casting can more likely have more girls attending, but not always, it all depends.

**Sometimes agents just call castings a go-see as well.

I have been asked this before by other girls over the years and I did this segment on my Model Talk Radio this past summer on what a go-see is and what a casting is and what a direct booking is. Check it out if you are also curious:

Here is a post I wrote also on what to wear to castings and how to prepare,etc.:

Always bring your comp cards to your go-sees and castings, and keep one in your bag for last minute castings.  Also you can get 10% off modeling comp cards at Fairway Printing in NYC just mention Isobella Jade :) 


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