Thursday, January 6, 2011

What about petite mature models?

A Lady on Facebook wrote me a comment recently that read, I get the petite etc. but if you are a petite, and is a 58 year old petite who looks great figure wise. Where do you go with that? Small, and older???? Are there places for that type of woman?

yes. Glad you mentioned this. I mean models are all ages, maybe they are not on a runway or in Vogue but they are modeling all types of retail products, home goods, tech products, and lifestyle modeling/ commercial print modeling welcomes all ages and sizes.

Modeling is actually being a part of the advertising world and many brands, companies, services out there use models of all ages. And size. I wouldn’t let height hold you back from trying. Commercial print models are all ages, sizes and types, and the word model isn’t just for the tall anymore or only the young. The consumer doesn’t stop shopping at 40! Or 50! And brands know this, and brands know they need a relatable face to sell to this huge mature market. Also, the world is becoming more humanistic, more lifestyle and real looking. I would study ads and magazines targeted at your age group, and think about where you see mature models modeling, what type of products, in what type of magazines, etc. This will help you to get inspired about the photos you should create. A smile shot, beauty shot is good to do, shots that show you modeling with a product is good, catalog-ish, and you maybe in a pretty dress like out at a nice dinner, even wine in hand at a party enjoying life. Lifestyle, doing something, showing your upbeat is best. Keep in mind: Mature models model a diverse amount of things ex: resort, travel, pharmaceutical and family ads, (what about a bride magazine and the shot of the mother of the bride for the editorial, and models in their 60’s are in ads that involving spending time with grandchildren, just saw a commercial involving this recently), and also luxury items too, because a lot of people of the mature age are retiring and have money to spend on some nice things they’ve always wanted to have. There is so much. Also there are many retail brands and services that work with models of all ages, from beauty, to even fitness, and health, and everything from cooking magazines to travel to tech magazines use older models. I’ve seen models of all ages often in magazines and in lifestyle ads for non-high fashion goods. Just go look through your house and see what items you are actually buying, these are the brands that probably have used models before actually that are not tall or super young.

Look, here is a short model in an ad for some video game with her kids:

Other are here:

In NYC I know of some mature models who work with this agency and there are MANY print modeling agencies and talent agencies that work with mature models:

So get some commercial print shots together, make a comp card and look for agencies that work with mature models, adult models, have a sophisticated Division. I would send these your modeling comp card. (

I gotta go make dinner now, (I already burned rice once today, let’s see what dinner will bring! :)) but these posts from my blog have more on Mature models on creating photos and the type of agencies to send a comp card to. I will try to show more images of mature models on my blog as well in the near future:

Also when it comes to height: On my advocating sources I market myself as a petite, but when I am at a casting I am not marketing my height typically, the reason my agency said I was good for the casting was because of another asset I have, so I think it is best no matter your age to market your assets beyond height to get ahead. Personality, a friendly smile, being your natural self no matter your age in the print world is best, and it can land you great jobs with great brands. If you stress your height you can miss out on opportunities because not all brands are looking for a certain “height” in a model, but a certain personality and look.

Again, thanks for your question on this, I will look more into mature modeling because I have gotten this question actually many, many times.


P.s: MORE magazine just did a search for mature models and the winners are here:

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