Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vogue goes all out with ethnicities: Gangs of New York

Hey hey Girls, Have you seen Vogue lately? I liked the movie Gangs of New York but this is something different. Vogue's Feb. 2011 issue has a diverse among of models inside. From little house on the prairie type frontier braids and looks that are dreamy and soft, to the poofed out flame-haired models, the Dutch beauties have an edge and slick hair and even look a bit like they are about to playing in the mud, to the happy-go-luck all American looks and prep’ster appeal, to African American models wearing frocks with a West meets East attitude, to the basic is better cool and clean punk blond models, to optical and technical prints of the Asian models. See below for yourself, click to view larger. Issue is on sale now. And I have said it before, this is a time for Asian models. :)  It is actually the time for the everyone model. Vogue is about tall giraffe models, and it is nice they are showcasing all types of ethnicities more recently and more often, but in the commercial print world, you will also see and can see that girls of all types are using used daily in ads and campaigns, open your eyes, the word model means many things these days. She is holding the handbag, advertising in that eye-glasses commercial, in that hair ad, for that fast food chain, for the coffee brand, for that shoe, for that insurance company, wearing that jewelry. Many campaigns, for lifestyle products, every day goods every day people use, and the models in these ads are print models. Typically the Casting basics in a print campaign are: Caucasian, a blond a brunette, a red head, an African American, Asian, Hispanic, and now I bet you will see more Indian models as well.  Usually these are NEEDED for a lifestyle campaign to be complete. You wanna see. Go watch a commercial on TV, go notice a campaign for a lifestyle product, count the ethnicities. And keep me posted on what you find: petitepride@yahoo.com
Modeling is about modeling for something in commercial print modeling and their is no height requirement but you do have to have an understanding of the photos you need and how to best pursue an industry that is very different than fashion. With that said, back to Vogue and the fun of creative fashion photography, enjoy the editorial here. I hope you can check it out, so what does this mean for you if you are a short print model, this means that the whole advertising world will be hopefully catching the cold called: EVERY ethnicity is represented.

Other model news that caught my eye:
Did you see this, Givenchy Riccardo Tisci Presents Couture ‘Works of Art’ with only Asian models? 

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