Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The sounds of New York City fire me up! Almost 5'4"

Hey Girls, Remember I mentioned how I bought these charm necklaces from Szeya Designs, and I mentioned the Seahorse charm necklace and the camera charm! Well here is the camera one! I love it. It might be my new lucky charm.

Also yesterday this was my lovely mess on my coffee table, coffee on my coffee tables, dripping down the sides of my cup on my own book, what a lovely mess huh!

In my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" I share my journey as a shorter than average model in NYC, I mention how I graduated college and went to Miami and then came back to New York City, this is an excerpt from the book about 'coming back to the city I love'---

The jerking of the trains, the bumpy sidewalks, and the sounds of the construction sights were running through me, every movement around me was a piece of luck. It gave me an appetite for becoming a New Yorker again. The street performers, and the screeching dump trucks, the sirens of the ambulance, the honking yellow cabs and swearing drivers, the whistles and cat calls I started to get again. Every single sound was hearty and spiritual, almost musical and seemed to seep up from the sidewalk cracks and from the gutters and out of the jazzy women’s mouth and into my skin. Of course, to tease me and fire me up, the tall Giraffes I passed again gave me more motivation to continue to try even harder. ~from my modeling memoir, Almost 5'4"

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