Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shorter models: signed or non-exclusive and freelancing with agencies

Hey Girls,

As I mentioned on today's podcast segment about goal-setting, "If you do not have a goal then you can't strive...for what are you striving towards?" you can hear the segment archived at 

A girl on Twitter asked me recently:  I'm curious, as a petite model are you currently signed to a modelling agency or freelance?

I am signed as in signed-up and work with print modeling agencies in New York City. I signed a non-exclusive modeling agreement with them.  For many print agencies this is the way they work with their models, it is not unsual, it is normal and typical.

Over the years I've worked non-exclusive with many print modeling agencies in NYC. It means I can work with more than one agency at the same time.

Here is more on working non-exclusive with agencies, which is also sometimes called freelancing with agencies:

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