Friday, January 14, 2011

Short Girls and Modeling Agencies and finding your chance when your kind of small

Hey Girls,

In the NY Daily News I have spoke a couple times about how models of all sizes can get ahead. It comes down to having the right information and pursuing modeling in the right ways that benefit your own goals and being realistic.  In the article above (you can read it here), I mentioned how shorter girls are an untapped market for the advertising world. Especially since most girls in America stand 5'4" and under, and since advertising campaigns are becoming more humanistic I think we will see more models of all types and sizes in ads and campaigns. However, if a girl wants to pusue modeling she has to know herself, her assets, have her marketing materials together and be a good marketer.

It is tough, when you are starting to pursue modeling and curious about what to do, how to start, and what agencies to pursue, and I get the question often about if there are any modeling agencies that work with short models. The answer is, not really.  The best way for a shorter girl to pursue modeling is to notice her assets, what she has that is marketable, and what she has that makes her a great model? Then there are about 4 steps she needs to take.  Without a doubt and without question she needs professional photos, and needs to create photos that represent her assets and for a shorter girl these photos should show her personality, smile, energy and friendly appeal and should involve modeling a product, a handbag, a shoe, etc, the shots should look like you are a friend girl who can work natrually with commercial every day products, then she needs to make a comp card, then she needs to mail and target print modeling agencies her comp card.

It is work and it is time. 

On the side of this blog in "popular posts" there is a lot of information on how to go about these steps.

Here are a few on finding a modeling agency when you are short.

5 steps to get ahead as a shorter model:

How to find a modeling agency when you are a petite model:

Aim high and strive, bring out your assets that have nothing to do with height and target agencies (print modeling agencies and talent agencies) that are not as obsessive over height and care more about your personality, and other assets,and using your assets to create goals that are full of possibility.
Try and thrive!

I hope you have a nice weekend, do something for your soul, and do something for yourself and do something for someone else,


P.s: it might be tough, but I also suggest not being obsessive over fashion, because to get experience modeling for a brand or magazine it might mean adjusting your perception of what you can realistically do as a model.

Not sure if you have checked out my collection of short stories from on the job modeling experiences called Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, but there are also modeling tips in the back of the book and a section called Modeling Tips for Short Chicks, which I added from being inspired by my blog readers, you can find all my books here :)

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