Saturday, January 8, 2011

real’ness is the trend for models in 2011 Commercial print modeling is about being yourself!

Hey Girls,

(in Florence, Italy)

As I mentioned on this weeks Model Talk Radiosegment, called The Modeling Forecast of 2011,  how commercial print has always been about the model to relate to the consumer. That hasn't changed, but with more products out there, the need for print models of all types of models I think is rising. The smile, the personality, the real’ness is the trend, and more than ever I notice how humanistic is in with ads and campaigns of all types.

Some campaigns that stand out that show how the world is becoming more humanistic and relating to pop culture are:

J.Crew with the scruffy model, with a bead and long hair, model Will Lewis.

The new voice of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is a homeless man, Ted Williams, a former panhandler from Columbus, Ohio. The girls are pretty but not all sticks.

The real’ness is becoming the trend. From Gap teeth to plus size models, being themselves is something that models are being hired for.

And anytime a too skinny chick is modeling a fashion item the Internet punch pads of females in America goes hay wire! Tapping out their frustration and making me believe that the humanistic model is going to prevail.

Be true to yourself. Celebrate your unique'ness, and your assets, aim high and strive!

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