Saturday, January 15, 2011

Print Modeling Agencies in NYC and The Call Sheet and 5'7" is still short as a model

Hey Girls,

A girl on Facebook recently asked me about modeling agencies for a girl who is 5'7", well 5'7" is still considered short as a model, even though she would tower me.

There are more commercial print agencies and talent agencies out there that work with models of all sizes, than actually fashion agencies. Some in NYC:

I suggest getting a comp card printed if you don't already and mailing your comp cards to agencies also mentioned in The Call Sheet. This video shares The Call Sheet:

Acting and modeling have united and many talent agencies are also good for an aspiring model to hit up for commercial print modeling work.
When you are not fashion height, your journey as a model is more about how much you put in, how much you try, and it is about being your own cheerleader often, there is a lot of hands on behind the scenes work a shorter girls has to do: manging her photography, get a comp card printed, buy a portfolio, buy evelopes to mail agencies in postal mail (many print agencies prefer this type of submission and also print agencies do not typically work exclusive with their models and they do not typicalyl prepare comp cards for the models they work with, it is a different type of relationship, they are the middle man to great work, but you have to be prepared with your marketing tools ready, comp card, etc. they do not teach you how to model), and for a shorter girl it is a self-hands on hustle, here is more on the differences between a print model and fashion model and I hope it helps :)
Just because you don't work in fashion remember you are not limited, infact you could actually work a lot more, there are much more products and brands in the commercial world that use models and they are not all tall, just keep on marketing your assets in ways that fit your goals in a realistic way and you can find opportunities, height isn't everything, but you must be ambitious and willing to try and have a good marketing mindset. I hope it helps :) aim high,
P.s: Some basics to know as an aspiring shorter model
What is print modeling:
Do you have the right photos to pursue print modeling?
Does your photographer know what print modeling is:
Model Marketing Tools 101:
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