Monday, January 10, 2011

Petite of the Week is Iya from the Phillippines


Petite of the Week is Iya, 21 year old, 5'3", from the Phillippines, here is what she says about being petite and striving as a model, Being in an industry where appearance plays a huge part in making it big, I also had my share of rejections because I am petite. That did not stop me though from doing what I'm passionate about. I was able to put up with bullying from grade school to high school and thus, I can handle rejections with my chin up. Rejections makes me stronger in proving to myself that I am worthy being booked as the model for the job. My advice to everyone especially to models is to love what you are doing and it will love you back.

I like your attitude, thanks for sharing!
Aim high and strive,

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