Saturday, January 8, 2011

Models with a marketing mind and the advertising world, what brands are doing what

Hey Girls,

The goal for an aspiring model should be to work with brands, to model products, and model for something.  And that is what commercial print modeling is about and that is also where the money is.

I think it is a good idea for a model to not just know about the fashion world and trends, but I think it is smart of a model to read up on what is going on with brands and the advertising space. It's knowledge that doesn't meanyou book modeling jobs from it, but I think overall it's good to know about what is going on with brands, companies and products out there that you might be attending castings for. Is a cosmetic brand launching a new mascara, has a shoe company recently been bought by another shoe company, is a new jeans company launching? Is a certain brand now targeting the Asian market?

Do you know what umbrellas brands are under? Ex: Herbal Essences, Ivory, Venus shaving and grooming products and CoverGirl are all Proctor and Gamble brands. And Sunsilk, Pond's, TIGI, Vasline, and Dove are under Unilever Global brands.

In general, I think it is just good as a model to know something about brands and retail products out there, more than how great they are but know about where they came from. Knowledge is good to have.

Also I think it is fun to observe ads and know what certain products and brands are doing for their advertising concepts.
I often read Advertising Age magazine online, and also I check out a website called  and  and in print I get Women’s Wear Daily/wwd. 

A model is also a marketer, marketing her self, bringing forward her best assets in her photos and the marketing mindset is something I think an aspiring model should also have.

Also before you go to a casting it is a good idea to research the brand,casting,etc. that the casting is for.
Know something about the brand before you head over to the casting, it helps you better prepare for the casting. In my book Short Stuff, I mention this in the back of the book in the section called Modeling Tips for Short Chicks.

Aim high and strive,

~Isobella Jade

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