Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Modeling Portfolio still exists make sure you have one.

my portfolio and recent parts comp card.
Hey Girls,

As you know I am the Apple store girl, hence writing my memoir Almost 5'4" at the store on Prince Street in NYC, I love Apple, however, although the iPad is trendy, convenient and great to showcase images, it is not a must-have for the modeling world or an aspiring model.  Wishful thinking but...not yet. For one, the price: an iPad with Wi-Fi is $499, $599, $699 and aspiring models have a hard enough time with the expenses of creating their own modeling photos and getting their comp cards together and upkeep of being a model, manicures, etc.  Maybe when the price goes down and maybe in the next 5 years-8 years we will see other ways casting directors, photographers, editors, art directors, etc., are looking at photos at castings, but right now it is them seeing your comp card and portfolio and them taking a snap shot of you.

Ok, sure, if you have an iPad you could upload your portfolio on it and bring that to castings, but if you don’t have an iPad, no fear, you won’t look lame with your modeling portfolio. Modeling Portfolio still exists in modeling; in fact this week at my shoe modeling casting I was asked, “Can I see your portfolio?” She didn't say, "Can I see your iPad."

Also, don't think an online portfolio is the end-all. either A client may look at the modeling agency's model online portfolios and decide what models they want to see at the casting, but you still need a comp card and a portfolio when you show up. And I believe in self-promotion and that it is possible to get work as a self-made model, but I do not believe the model-site is a good idea, I would not join a website that promotes that it "connects you to professionals" and is "a tool to promote yourself as a model"....basically I would skip online sites, if they were so important to be a part of, trust me I would be promoting it, or thinking of a way to have my own that you could sign up and join right now. An online portfolio showcasing your photos doesn't mean you will book work, doesn't mean an agency will call you or a client will book you. An ad agency, an editor at a magazine may look at a professional modeling agency’s online portfolios of their models, but typically they are not hunting the web for the models for the next campaign or editorial. The real professional agencies, the real professional photographers, and clients are not typically scouting talent online and also it can make you appear amateur by using these sources if you start promoting yourself on it and with it. Be careful with what you sign up for and where you expose your photos.

What you need are 3 things to start mailing agencies and marketing yourself:

Professional photos that market your assets. (photos that involve you modeling with a product is best and involving a smile, expression in your eyes,-- when pursuing print modeling)

Printing a professional modeling comp card (not from Kinkos or your own printer but from a printing company that makes professional comp cards and headshots. Research comp card printing and headshot printing in you area, if you can not find much here are online resources.
Also you can get 10% off comp cards at by mentioning Isobella Jade. Typically comp cards are 100 cards for $100 or $120 or $150 or more, depending on theprinting company

Buying a modeling portfolio. (Go to an art store and by a professional portfolio, my portfolio is black and is 12.5”x 9.5”. It is about $100.

Here is more on the modeling basics:

It is easier to market yourself with your proper marketing tools, the Internet can be a great research tool but I would not rely on it soley for your success, when you go on modeling castings the casting director, the photographer, the editor, marketing professional, creative director, is not asking for USB drives or iPads...give it like 5-8 years. Later, we might see a cute little USB drive hanging around models necks in cute colorful necklaces but right now, I would stick to get a comp card printed :)


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