Sunday, January 23, 2011

Modeling castings: the casting details before you attend the casting

Hey Girls,

Showing up is 90% but before you show up to a model casting here are the details you should pay attention to. When my agency sends me details for a casting it includes these things:

PRODUCT:   What is the casting for? Sometimes the agency will give you the website of the company so you can see what type of products the company has, and what the casting is for.  

CASTING DETAILS: What is the client looking for?  This should tell you more about what the casting is for and what will happen at the casting.  ex: Brunette model with great skin, stomach, legs, for swimwear catalog.  (Knowing this can also help me prepared, although my legs and body should be always camera ready it helps to know what is the focus of the casting and this can help me better prepare. ex. If I know they are going to be looking at legs and the body, then I should be aware not to wear a bra or anything that creates lines on the body before I attend the casting, because I want my body to look it's best.)

DATE:   The date of the casting.  ex. Wednesday, Jan 19

LOCATION:  This should tell you where the casting is, the address, and the name of the person that you are suppose to see at the casting

TIME: time of casting and/ or suggested time you should show up to casting.

RATE:  Is the amount of money the the job will pay excluding the 20% the agency takes out:  ex. $750

USAGE: This tells you where the photos from the photo shoot will be used. Is it is a national, regional ad, global campaign?   ex.  2 years: Online, in print (including national magazines).

This means the images will be used for 2 years for commercial use for print and online and the images could be seen in ads in naitonal magazines.  Knowing the usage of the images is a good thing to know, and you should be given this information if you are booked for the job, if not ask about it.  Also when it comes to collecting proof/tearsheets of your work, you want to know when the images will appear? What month if possible. Is this magazine shoot for their December issue? Is this photo shoot for a fall campaign?

ATTIRE: What to wear to the casting.

SHOOT DATES:  Often agencies will ask you to HOLD the shoot day, just incase you book the job. Or you will be asked to not attend casting if you are not available on the shoot day.
ex. Models MUST BE AVAIL Feb 3 from 9am-5pm! Do not attend casting if you are not available on this days and time.  

It is a good to know as much as you can about the casting before the casting, so your odds for booking the job are better because you were prepared, aim high and strive!


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