Monday, January 17, 2011

Model Photography: Feeling Negative, film isn't dead yet

(an illustration by Jazmin Ruotolo  from my graphic novel Model Life, notice the film negative)

Hey Girls,

I think it is smart and a good idea for aspiring models to also understand "the other side of the camera" a little. I am currently writing a teen novel and in the book one of the characters is taking a photography class in school, and while researching for my writing I stumbled upon

It is a website about the film photography world, which isn't dead. Actually even in this present day digital world on the job modeling for brands and magazines actually many photographer's still use film. And shooting with film is also requested for advertising and editorial projects.  I love film photography, I love it actually more than digital sometimes.  I love the experience of looking at a contact sheet and also with film since there are a limited number of shots I think the experience whether in front or behind the camera is also more exact, carefully done, prepared, and can bring even more beautiful results than digital.

And shooting with a photographer who shoots film is something I suggest you experience and pursue.

I took a photography class in high school and also in college, developed film, and had my own Canon Rebel Film Camera.  I'd like to get an old film camera again actually, this time a really old one, and this article caught my eye:

Check out the articles and insight on using film here:

Have you ever shot with film, feel free to leave a comment or email me at about your experiences?


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