Friday, January 7, 2011

It involved persistence and resilience: they didn't give up on what they were creating or doing, or themselves

Hey Girls,

This is for anyone trying to do something they want to do, it's called:

It involved persistence and resilience

Beyond the overall results, I like hearing and reading about how things were created, mainly because I admire persistence and resilience. The striving involved, the ambition, the good and bad days during putting the pieces together, the "bouncing back" and "the carrying on" that takes place when you strive to pursue something or create something or do something that you are passionate about and need the belief of others and the work of others to get it done. In these "behind the scenes actions of building something (even if it is yourself) in the stories usually there was a moment during its hustle of creation that involved a moment they could have given up, said the hell with it, because there usually are things that do not go perfect when you are walking the outline of getting something done and done right, it's not always A to B. It's A to Q then to M and this isn't going right so it's on to F and then B.

But they kept on; no matter how complex the maze to get it done was, the hours, the doubt, the wondering if this will ever happen, the hope, and they didn't give up on what they were creating or doing, or themselves. Accomplishing something you wanted to accomplish is a great feeling, the work to get the final product doesn't always get heard about, but I know from my own experiences it doesn’t always happen overnight or simply, and to me it's a really beautiful thing, really beautiful when it does happen. And I feel joy reading about the truth behind the creation. The stories within the cement, the seams, the pages, the plot and cool effects.

You might admire the design in a building, or a film, or a book, maybe a designer or a pair of jeans, a pair of shoes or a super cute handbag, an organization or company, and you know the basics of where it came from and how it started, but usually the root of creating it involved a lot of passion and heart, and persistence and resilience.

~Isobella Jade

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