Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I updated The Beautiful Undead writing series!

Hey Girls, I just updated The Beautiful Undead writing series. Below is an excerpt of the latest journal entry of Viv, the heroine of TBU who has kept a journal that has the secrets of TBU and her own journal as a beautiful undead model.   You can read the series here: http://thebeautifulundead.blogspot.com/ Scroll to bottom to start with the first entry.  Or you can read the series on Figment.com as well where it can be read in a book form-ish style:  http://figment.com/books/7928-The-Beautiful-Undead

February 19th, 2004  Almost midnight.  Strange things are happening

So, it’s been over a week and I’m still here in Von’s apartment.  He keeps saying it will be safer if I stay at his place, but I have the feeling he just doesn’t want me to open my mouth and share the details of the night I got shot with anyone. He asked me every day since I’ve been here where I went and who I spoke to.  But typically I just stay in his apartment all day and typically there is absolutely no one I speak to. The longest conversation I’ve had is saying “Thank you” to the grocery store clerk when I couldn’t reach the pasta sauces on the top shelf.  Von has absolutely no food in the fridge besides the few things that I buy for myself.  He is never here to eat dinner with either.
I’m glad he leaves me about $60 a day to survive on.  But usually I don’t spend most of it and just leave it on the table.
Von had someone go to my shitty ex-apartment last week and collect my things. He basically demanded that I couldn’t do it.  I was sooo pissed. I mean having someone who you don’t know go to pick up your underwear and stuff, I felt really invaded. 
But, my stuff is here now. In 5 small cardboard boxes but even though it seems like I moved in, I still don’t feel like this is home.
My purse has its ritual spot and Von has even offered me his bed.

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