Monday, January 3, 2011

Homeless fashion and humanistic male models

This is Will Lewis, you may know his face from the J.Crew campaign shot by Matthew Brookes.

Hey Girls, So I think I started this homeless trend back in 2006. (You might have read that I gave up my apartment and was basically homeless for some time, I had great friends to help me along and Wendy's dollar menu thankfully.)  But recently this article at caught my eye, it's about male models and how the male consumer likes to see some humanistic models too, hence the title of the article: Metrosexuals are out & homeless fashion is in: Flash those hairy ankles.

The article plugged Will Lewis, the long haired, scruffy model and J.Crew as a brand and their September campaign that has proved men and consumers like model that looks humanistic, real like them. said, "Guys have stopped looking to the runways for fashion ideas: We want to see real people who have real budgets wearing real clothes."

Well, I get it, but have men, men who like to look nice, always turned to the runway?  um I don't think so.

My man likes nice things, and he follows fashion and trends but it's not like he's looking at the runway for inspiration. I asked him tonight, "Where do you look for inspiration for clothing?"  It took him a while to answer and when he did he kinda just mumbled I don't know.

Maybe this is a study an ad agency or company should put out on the male consumer.

Anyways, overall I liked the article and girls like to also see real people who have real budgets wearing real clothing.


P.s: I like scruff on a man. It's cute, it's chill, I don't know about a full beard 24/7 but scruff is kinda sexy.

Check out the article here and also here are the links mentioned in the article that are popular for men for fashion trends. ( they do this thing called On the Street, (I want to be featured), it shows men and women and I love the photography and little details and character they capture)  ( a poem for every outfit)

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