Monday, January 31, 2011

Favorite Little Thing: The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher

Hey Girls,
This book caught my eye. Check it out.

The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher involves one of our precious natural resources --water.  I do care about water, I mean without it what would our world be like..scary thought?? The same sort of question is sparked in The Water Wars.  I like the cover too.
Here is scoop:  Vera, 15, and her brother Will, 17, live in the shadow of the Great Panic, in a world that has collapsed from ENVIRONMENTAL CATASTROPHE and WAR. Water is hoarded by governments, rivers are dammed, polar caps have melted and clouds have been sucked from the sky. When Vera befriends a mysterious boy named Kai, who has limitless access to water and claims to know about an untapped river, something blossoms between the two teens. But one afternoon, Kai is kidnapped and it is up to Vera and Will to rescue their friend and his secret source of the life-affirming liquid.

Makes the next drink of water you have taste even better,

P.s:  Also when it comes to water, here are 2 ways I save it and use it carefully during my beauty routine.
1. When I take a shower I will admit, especially in the winter, I love hot showers but I try to be very quick while in there, and when I condition my hair I turn the water down because cooler water can make my skin and hair feel more alive, drenching in hot water is also not good for your skin, it dries it out.
2. When I shave my legs, I turn off the water while I am foaming up. And turn it back on when I am done swiping my legs with the razor...a lot of water could be wasted if I keep it running. 

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