Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorite Little Thing: Have you ever seen a goat being born? Beekman 1802

(this photo is from Planet Green -DCI, where you can check out the show The Fabulous Beekman Boys)

Hey Girls,

So, I got this mailer from Williams-Sonoma about an Artisans market event this weekend, Saturday Jan. 8th (at their Columbus Circle, NYC, location in the Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Circle).  While reading the mailing I noticed Beekman 1802.  Mmmm, I checked out the Beekman 1802 website about their farm, and was looking at the animals section, and it might sound weird, but watching these two baby goats be born, made my day, -go ahead check it out here.

The Beekman farm, near Sharon Springs, N.Y, is run by two city guys who bought a farm. At the Beekman organic farm the Beekman Boys, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, also create chemical-free handmade goat milk soaps, the milk is from their own goats. :)  Mmmm sounds good. There are also llamas on the farm. You might have heard of these guys before. On the Discovery Channels' Plant Green The Fabulous Beekman Boys?

If you want to check them out, also see these pictures from The New York Times of the farm and house ( I mean mansion) and this story in the NYT about their venture.

Josh Kilmer-Purcell, is an author you might already know, remember his New York Times bestselling book
I Am Not Myself These Days? With the goldfish on the cover?

Well, he also wrote about his and Brent Ridge's unlikely journey from New York City to becoming farmers with 60 goats. Check it out: THE BUCOLIC PLAGUE: HOW TWO MANHATTANITES BECAME GENTLEMEN FARMERS- An Unconventional Memoir. Sounds interesting and inspiring, I plan to read this book. :)

A book with the word unconventional in the title, is my style.

Anyways, I hope you can check out the Beekman 1802 goods at the Artisans market event this weekend at Williams-Sonoma  in Columbus Circle. These are some soaps from the Beekman farm that I wanted to share with you. They would make good Valentines Day Gifts. Btw, I like their monthly choices of soap, since I got married in July, I will probably pick up the July soaps awwww!

Scent of Autumn Soap 

Scent of Winter Soap

Scent of Spring Soap

Scent of Summer Soap

And July soap!

I hope you check these soaps out and the other Beekman Boys goods, and as always, aim high and strive,- I love the little guy!

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Anonymous said...

It's about time to go organic. I mean, all these commercial beauty products contain so many chemicals.