Thursday, January 13, 2011

Favorite Little Thing: Chantecaille limited edition Tigers In The Wild palette

Hey Girls,

This Favorite Little Thing came Via
There are estimated to be around 2500 adult tigers left in the wild, landing them a spot on the endangered species list. Chantecaille has created this limited edition Tigers In The Wild palette to both celebrate and raise awareness for the wild tiger. The four colors are perfectly on trend with spring’s khaki and safari-inspired fashions. And even more importantly, 5% of all sales of the striking Tiger palette go to TRAFFIC (, a wildlife trade-monitoring network that works with governments and local enforcement authorities on taking action to protect endangered species, such as the tiger, which are being illegally killed for their skins and meats. TRAFFIC also helps to raise awareness of the conservation plight of tigers.

I love it was beauty and good causes come together, aim high and strive!

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