Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cheers to Allyson Townsend: Your go to-girl to hear the songs you love

Hey Girls,

What if you couldn't hear the songs you love? Well Alyson Townsend would have your back :)

Watch this video below, this really touched my heart, Allyson Townsend is an amazing young woman, a 2nd grade teacher and lover of music, has created Youtube videos for the deaf that allowed them to enjoy music from pop and country music singers. Even though I can hear, when I turn down the sound on my computer I can still feel the emotion of the words of the songs through her facial expressions.  Allyson, (Ally), is not deaf but she learned ASL when she was in middle school and it became a passion, she has a great online following and you can fan her on Facebook here.

She was inspired to create the videos when one of her deaf friends asked her, "Which words to say at which point, how do you know how long to say the word, or if it's a short word?"

Really intriguing.   I like her energy and personality and sincerity within the songs and her expressions to get the point of the vibe of the song.

I hope one of these singers of the songs she has signed, contact her, and put her in their next music video, or take her on tour :)

Here is the ABC News segment on Ally's story:

And here are Ally's videos:


Also check out Stephen Torrence as well

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