Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Casting Confessions: Preparing for a shoe modeling casting today

Hey Girls,

I am preparing for a shoe modeling casting today, first I Google the brand, what do their shoes look like? I like to know ahead of time before I go to the casting what I am "walking into."  My legs are shaven and I actually like to get pedicures the day of my castings if possible so my pedicure is super pretty and fresh!

In the winter I usually wear tights but since I will be trying on some high heels and fancy shoes I will prob wear tights that go just to my ankles and then also socks and then take off the socks at the casting to try on the shoes. Usually the client likes to see your legs and ankles and of course toes, so I am still debating whether tights or socks, because the shoes for this casting looked fancy, colorful, dress-up, so wearing a bare toe. Sometimes at castings you show up and things change. You could show up in tights but the client may ask you to go and change and be bare leg, or it is ok if you keep your tights on, it all depends on the type of shoes you will be trying on and what the client is looking for.

I will keep you posted on how it goes,

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