Monday, January 31, 2011

NEW CONTEST with MAG from Punk Your Chucks! Win a pair of Custom Shoes!

Hey Girls,

Guess what! This is so awesome! Have you ever wanted a pair of Custom Hand Painted Shoes? Do you have an idea for a pair of custom hand painted shoes?

MAG, the creator of (totally customized Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, Vans, and pumps) and I have been talking, and I am holding a contest giveaway of TWO of his awesome custom shoes!

As a girl who loves shoes that have personality, this contest giveaway for custom shoes is really exciting. And you know how I always mention shoe modeling.

So, here is the scoop:

One winner for custom designed pumps!

One for custom designed Vans or Converse shoes!

All are welcome, all heights, ages and all shoe sizes welcome to submit.

Submissions details:
  • To submit to win the Custom Designed Pumps send a photo of yourself wearing a pair of pumps or heels you own and love to wear to  Please put in the subject: “Custom HEELS.”
Show us your personality and basically rock the pumps/ heels in your own style in the pic.   (The winner will receive custom pumps will be Nine West pumps).

  • To submit to win a Custom Designed Vans or Converse shoes, send a pic of yourself wearing a pair of sneakers, Vans or Converse, or whatever you have, to Please put in the subject: “Custom Vans or Converse."
Rock it out! The 2 winners will be chosen based on your personal style and the way you rock your shoes. The photo/s should be print modeling friendly/nothing too provocative. The contest photo submission doesn’t have to be professional; your friend could take it, but make the shot about the shoes and how you wear them.

MAG will post the top submissions on his website and I will post them on my blog, and we will decide on 2 winners, one for pumps and one for sneakers.

Contest starts tomorrow, February 1st 2011, so send on over your pics!!

Show us your love of shoes!

Email your shoe submission jpg pics to:

Submission deadline: February 28th 2011.

Custom designed shoes rock and MAG's work is eye-popping. The winner will be asked to later share a photo of them wearing their custom designed shoes to be posted on MAG’s website and my blog.
MAG does really impressive and unique work, he has a great creative eye and has designed custom shoes for Will Smith, Tommy Lee, Jackson Rathbone “Jasper” from the Twilight movies, Mira Sorvino, Kelly Clarkson, Alexa Ray Joel and others, check out his awesome work here:

Some inspirational when it comes to your photo submissions with a pair of pumps/heels or sneakers Vans/Converse shoes:

I'm excited for your submission pics. Aim high and strive! And the winners also get a signed copy of either my books Almost 5'4" or Short Stuff or Model Life,
~Isobella Jade

Favorite Little Thing: The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher

Hey Girls,
This book caught my eye. Check it out.

The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher involves one of our precious natural resources --water.  I do care about water, I mean without it what would our world be like..scary thought?? The same sort of question is sparked in The Water Wars.  I like the cover too.
Here is scoop:  Vera, 15, and her brother Will, 17, live in the shadow of the Great Panic, in a world that has collapsed from ENVIRONMENTAL CATASTROPHE and WAR. Water is hoarded by governments, rivers are dammed, polar caps have melted and clouds have been sucked from the sky. When Vera befriends a mysterious boy named Kai, who has limitless access to water and claims to know about an untapped river, something blossoms between the two teens. But one afternoon, Kai is kidnapped and it is up to Vera and Will to rescue their friend and his secret source of the life-affirming liquid.

Makes the next drink of water you have taste even better,

P.s:  Also when it comes to water, here are 2 ways I save it and use it carefully during my beauty routine.
1. When I take a shower I will admit, especially in the winter, I love hot showers but I try to be very quick while in there, and when I condition my hair I turn the water down because cooler water can make my skin and hair feel more alive, drenching in hot water is also not good for your skin, it dries it out.
2. When I shave my legs, I turn off the water while I am foaming up. And turn it back on when I am done swiping my legs with the razor...a lot of water could be wasted if I keep it running. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can you draw? I drew today for the first time in a long time.

Hey Girls, So, I don't consider myself a talented artist, either is my man, but we both love art and artists, and we stopped by Molly Crabapple Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art school, at The Bowery Poetry Club, you're timed like 5-10 a pose to draw the models, and some people there were talented but many were like me and my man- curious, and getting pastels all over us and laughing at eachothers drawings. Here are a couple I drew.... it was so packed we sat on the stage, on the side, drawing the models from a weird angle, but it was interesting, fun and the models were unconventional to say the least. :) ~Isobella

Favorite Little Thing: Housing Works SoHo slush proof boots

Hey Girls,

I got some really cute boots today at Housing Works in SoHo today for $30, check them out here.
They are good for slush!  ~Isobella

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Favorite Little Thing: Indigenous Designs Weekender Cardigan

Hey Girls,

I hope your weekend is going well, this Weekender Cardigan from Indigenous Designs caught my eye for three reasons.

1. The model doesn't look giraffe tall
2. It looks REALLY cute and sophisciated and warm!
3. Organic cotton jersey


P.s: Are you short and stylish? Submit your favorite looks in a jpg to to be featured on this blog as a short and stylish girl on the go, all countries welcome.

Fashion, model and retail news that caught my eye

Sofia Vergara’s from Modern Family has a really cute Kmart Collection:

Diane Von Furstenberg shares her suggestions to make sure models are healthy:

MAC creates a New Wonder Woman Line , check it out:

Rag & Bone decorates lower Manhattan with one thousand posters on walls, buildings, and scaffolding boards of self-portraits of models:

Love and  model's in the Jean Paul Gaultier getting their L-Word on:

More on sexuality and the fashion industry

The energy in the AX Armani Exchange Spring 2011 Collection inspires me (print modeling photo tips)

Hey Girls,

The AX Armani Exchange Spring 2011 Collection advertising campaign caught my eye. I like the humanistic and in-action and in motion appeal.  And although AX Armani Exchange didn't appear to use shorter models,they look young but fashion height most likely, I do like the realistic appeal. Humanistic ads that have a real'ness to them like this campaign inspire me.  I love natural, day in the life shots that involve fashion and accessories. An aspiring print model should be focusing on bringing her personality to her photos and comp card. Height isn't everything when it comes to selling spirit and energy and many brands love that in a model.  Notice the smiles and energy in the print campaigns you see and be inspired. ~Isobella

THE LOCATION - The three-day campaign was shot at the same location as the Coachella Music Festival, Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California. The backdrop embodies the campaign’s core message: the eclectic convergence of music and lifestyle, bursting with the attitude of youthful optimism and glamorous defiance – the AX Style Festival.

CAST &CREW – Shot by fashion photographer Matthew Scrivens (Armani Exchange), styled by Kate Lanphear (Defacto), hair by Neil Moodie (Tim Howard), make-up by Virginia Smith (Streeters) (Tim Howard) and conceptualized by the AX in-house team under the direction of Tom Jarrold, Chief Marketing Officer for AX. The main cast features Alejandra Alonso (Women Management), Clara Alonso (Mega), Simon Nessman (Major), Marlon Teixeira (Wilhelmina), and Fransico Lachowski (Ford).

AX Armani Exchange was launched in 1991, aimed at a new generation of fast-fashion consumers with an accessible collection offering urban, individual style. AX Armani Exchange defines a new dress code with a collection that takes its cue from urban lifestyle and music culture. With Armani Exchange, Mr. Armani interprets his sensual and unique style to create a casual, yet sophisticated collection for the young, urban and sexy. Today AX Armani Exchange has an exclusive direct controlled retail network that currently comprises 184 freestanding stores in 25 countries

Friday, January 28, 2011

Petite modeling: why I don't solely market myself as a petite model.

Hey Girls,

I am comfortable with my pint-size self, and I love being petite, but when it comes to working with a modeling agency I don't solely market myself as a petite model. 

I market myself as:
a print model
a beauty model
a parts model   (actually in parts modeling being petite can be a benefit so consider pursuing this area)
a health/fitness model

Instead of making height such an issue defining what makes you a good model, when you are marketing yourself say: "I am a print model, parts model, beauty model, fitness model, etc."--the thing is, most clients (brands, marketing professionals that cast models for campaigns and ads and commercials) do not typically seek a petite. Although fashion is slowly opening up to producing clothing targeted to petite's, typically a casting won't ask: We're interested in brunette petite models for campaign. 

It's just not the way it is.

However keep in mind ahead of time when you are pitching agencies that many modeling agencies (even the print modeling agencies)  typically aren't seeking petites or screaming we want short chicks, there are a few modeling agencies in NYC & LA who have petite divisions but not many out there. Don't limit yourself by focusing so much on your height. Show the agencies you have more to offer.

Since the clients typically don't ask for a petite the agencies often feel the demand is not there. However the demand for print models is there, and it is the way a shorter girl can sneek in the backdoor and get into an agency, despite being the shortest girl they work with.

In print modeling, when you are working with an agency you will be sent on castings most likely not because of your height and more because of your look, your personality, something you have beyond height that the client wanted to see. Still a shorter girl can find modeling work if she markets the other assets she has.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate your size, and love your size, and actually for magazines sometimes you will see in Glamour and Marie Claire petite fashion and styling tips, but really when it comes to marketing yourself as a model to agencies, I would target print modeling agencies, not fashion agencies, and market yourself as a "print model with great personality, great eyes, great hair, etc, and the other assets you have."

Getting opportunities as a model is all about how you market yourself, your photos, being prepared, having your marketing material (comp card, portfolio) and it is about your own marketing mindset. Becareful about calling yourself "so petite" as if it is a bad thing. I'm so petite, I wish I was taller, I know I'm petite....It is a good idea to think about the way you use your words when talking about yourself as a model and marketing yourself as one.

Focus on getting photos that capture your assets beyond height, so you will have photos that can help you market yourself to print agencies. Notice what type of photos print agencies want to see. Mostly the girls are showing personality, smiles, energy, they have life, an upbeat appeal about them. Let your photos represent what you want and can do within modeling. Inspire the agency to want to work with you.

Your photos lead you where you will go, so take your time preparing them, and let your height not be such a big deal when it comes to WHY you are hired to model that product for that print ad or commercial. Show your height is not what makes you a model, but other assets that do.

Modeling is very tough to pursue, modeling is so competitive, and the marketing and advertising worlds have become more humanistic and accepts of different ethnicities...((right now is the time for Asians and I think in coming years it will be Indian models))... but still fashion is different than print and print has always welcome all types and being proportioned, looking healthy and having good skin and personality is what sells in commercial print modeling.  

You're petite, so what, don't let your height be all that defines you. Height isn't everything in modeling.


I would focus on your assets beyond height, focus on getting professional photos that show these assets, and remember a smile and personality, are a petite models best features. Great skin, proportioned body, and nice nails and hair can also be a bonus.  

My height is not what makes me a model, it's me, my other assets as a model, my will to try, how I market myself, the work I put in, the marketing mindset. I wouldn't dwell on petite being a bad thing or something that prevents you from modeling, accept that most modeling agencies don't have open calls for short chicks and there are many differences between a fashion and print model, and mostly I would notice your other assets beyond height and target people and agencies who appreciate those assets, 


Favorite Little Thing: Be Happy Dammit orange bag

Hey Girls,

My friend gave me this cool bag today, I think it sums up life pretty good :) (Also being from Syracuse, NY I love the color) ~Isobella

Thursday, January 27, 2011

set goals that challenge yourself

"Do what you love and believe and hope that you can do what you want to do, and that it will happen. I often say "Aim high and strive" it means: to set goals that challenge yourself, aim for being the best you can be in your craft and in life, and striving involves picking yourself up out of the mud sometimes, experiencing and overcoming the tough days by staying focused and determined, and putting your heart and soul into it because you believe in what you are doing." ~Isobella Jade

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Modeling Portfolio still exists make sure you have one.

my portfolio and recent parts comp card.
Hey Girls,

As you know I am the Apple store girl, hence writing my memoir Almost 5'4" at the store on Prince Street in NYC, I love Apple, however, although the iPad is trendy, convenient and great to showcase images, it is not a must-have for the modeling world or an aspiring model.  Wishful thinking but...not yet. For one, the price: an iPad with Wi-Fi is $499, $599, $699 and aspiring models have a hard enough time with the expenses of creating their own modeling photos and getting their comp cards together and upkeep of being a model, manicures, etc.  Maybe when the price goes down and maybe in the next 5 years-8 years we will see other ways casting directors, photographers, editors, art directors, etc., are looking at photos at castings, but right now it is them seeing your comp card and portfolio and them taking a snap shot of you.

Ok, sure, if you have an iPad you could upload your portfolio on it and bring that to castings, but if you don’t have an iPad, no fear, you won’t look lame with your modeling portfolio. Modeling Portfolio still exists in modeling; in fact this week at my shoe modeling casting I was asked, “Can I see your portfolio?” She didn't say, "Can I see your iPad."

Also, don't think an online portfolio is the end-all. either A client may look at the modeling agency's model online portfolios and decide what models they want to see at the casting, but you still need a comp card and a portfolio when you show up. And I believe in self-promotion and that it is possible to get work as a self-made model, but I do not believe the model-site is a good idea, I would not join a website that promotes that it "connects you to professionals" and is "a tool to promote yourself as a model"....basically I would skip online sites, if they were so important to be a part of, trust me I would be promoting it, or thinking of a way to have my own that you could sign up and join right now. An online portfolio showcasing your photos doesn't mean you will book work, doesn't mean an agency will call you or a client will book you. An ad agency, an editor at a magazine may look at a professional modeling agency’s online portfolios of their models, but typically they are not hunting the web for the models for the next campaign or editorial. The real professional agencies, the real professional photographers, and clients are not typically scouting talent online and also it can make you appear amateur by using these sources if you start promoting yourself on it and with it. Be careful with what you sign up for and where you expose your photos.

What you need are 3 things to start mailing agencies and marketing yourself:

Professional photos that market your assets. (photos that involve you modeling with a product is best and involving a smile, expression in your eyes,-- when pursuing print modeling)

Printing a professional modeling comp card (not from Kinkos or your own printer but from a printing company that makes professional comp cards and headshots. Research comp card printing and headshot printing in you area, if you can not find much here are online resources.
Also you can get 10% off comp cards at by mentioning Isobella Jade. Typically comp cards are 100 cards for $100 or $120 or $150 or more, depending on theprinting company

Buying a modeling portfolio. (Go to an art store and by a professional portfolio, my portfolio is black and is 12.5”x 9.5”. It is about $100.

Here is more on the modeling basics:

It is easier to market yourself with your proper marketing tools, the Internet can be a great research tool but I would not rely on it soley for your success, when you go on modeling castings the casting director, the photographer, the editor, marketing professional, creative director, is not asking for USB drives or iPads...give it like 5-8 years. Later, we might see a cute little USB drive hanging around models necks in cute colorful necklaces but right now, I would stick to get a comp card printed :)


Favorite Little Thing: Punk Your Chucks

Hey Girls,

This is not a little thing, because shoes are always a big thing to me! Punk Your Chucks kiss-ass. These NYC Hand Painted High Heels rock! I would totally rock these, wouldn't you? There is a very talented artist named MAG, you might have already heard of him, and he creates hand painted shoes, custom Vans and Converse shoes, sneakers, handbags, even something special for a wedding day, (and guess what, we are doing a contest soon for my blog readers and social media pals! Stay tuned!) and I love these skyline heels, don't you! I hear Alicia Keys singing.

 In New York,

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,

There's nothing you can't do,

Now you're in New York,

These streets will make you feel brand new,

The lights will inspire you,

Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York

Check out his custom pumps here:


Modeling underdogs: It Starts with Belief, live show today at 6pm

Modeling underdogs: It starts with belief

WHEN: 1/26/2011
Time: 6 PM EST

If you miss the live show catch the archive anytime or search Isobella Jade on iTunes.

The segment scoop:
Model, author, advocate Isobella Jade shares how modeling when you are shorter starts with belief and self-confidence and how an athlete mindset helped her own pursuits. She also answers questions from Facebook and emails on the day and the life of being a self-made model and how models of all ethnicties are in demand. Isobella Jade is the author of her modeling memoir Almost 5'4" (now also an eBook) and her fashion graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior." Recently published is her collection of short stories called "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model," featuring modeling jobs she done with Macy's, Victoria's Secret, Marshalls, Easy Spirit and others, despite being one of the shortest models out there. She has worked as a print and parts model for many years and weekly her show shares tips and advice for models of all sizes and inspiration, as she shares the outsiders in to the modeling business. You can also find on her podcast radio show interviews with beauty brands such as LUSH, Origins, Wet n Wild, Styli-Style, along with chats with fitness expert Gunnar Peterson and Fashion and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photographer Steve Erle, among others. Here, you will find the day in the life of striving to be who you want to be and do what you want to do.
Tune in here girls:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Xena's beauty company for a great haircut that fits your personality

Hey Girls,

Do you live in NYC?  Want more than just a typical snip snip hair cut, how about a GREAT haircut by a great stylist? Of course you do, I suggest to check out, I hair modeled there a few times <3, view their work here check out their tearsheets as well: 


Vogue goes all out with ethnicities: Gangs of New York

Hey hey Girls, Have you seen Vogue lately? I liked the movie Gangs of New York but this is something different. Vogue's Feb. 2011 issue has a diverse among of models inside. From little house on the prairie type frontier braids and looks that are dreamy and soft, to the poofed out flame-haired models, the Dutch beauties have an edge and slick hair and even look a bit like they are about to playing in the mud, to the happy-go-luck all American looks and prep’ster appeal, to African American models wearing frocks with a West meets East attitude, to the basic is better cool and clean punk blond models, to optical and technical prints of the Asian models. See below for yourself, click to view larger. Issue is on sale now. And I have said it before, this is a time for Asian models. :)  It is actually the time for the everyone model. Vogue is about tall giraffe models, and it is nice they are showcasing all types of ethnicities more recently and more often, but in the commercial print world, you will also see and can see that girls of all types are using used daily in ads and campaigns, open your eyes, the word model means many things these days. She is holding the handbag, advertising in that eye-glasses commercial, in that hair ad, for that fast food chain, for the coffee brand, for that shoe, for that insurance company, wearing that jewelry. Many campaigns, for lifestyle products, every day goods every day people use, and the models in these ads are print models. Typically the Casting basics in a print campaign are: Caucasian, a blond a brunette, a red head, an African American, Asian, Hispanic, and now I bet you will see more Indian models as well.  Usually these are NEEDED for a lifestyle campaign to be complete. You wanna see. Go watch a commercial on TV, go notice a campaign for a lifestyle product, count the ethnicities. And keep me posted on what you find:
Modeling is about modeling for something in commercial print modeling and their is no height requirement but you do have to have an understanding of the photos you need and how to best pursue an industry that is very different than fashion. With that said, back to Vogue and the fun of creative fashion photography, enjoy the editorial here. I hope you can check it out, so what does this mean for you if you are a short print model, this means that the whole advertising world will be hopefully catching the cold called: EVERY ethnicity is represented.

Other model news that caught my eye:
Did you see this, Givenchy Riccardo Tisci Presents Couture ‘Works of Art’ with only Asian models? 

The sounds of New York City fire me up! Almost 5'4"

Hey Girls, Remember I mentioned how I bought these charm necklaces from Szeya Designs, and I mentioned the Seahorse charm necklace and the camera charm! Well here is the camera one! I love it. It might be my new lucky charm.

Also yesterday this was my lovely mess on my coffee table, coffee on my coffee tables, dripping down the sides of my cup on my own book, what a lovely mess huh!

In my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" I share my journey as a shorter than average model in NYC, I mention how I graduated college and went to Miami and then came back to New York City, this is an excerpt from the book about 'coming back to the city I love'---

The jerking of the trains, the bumpy sidewalks, and the sounds of the construction sights were running through me, every movement around me was a piece of luck. It gave me an appetite for becoming a New Yorker again. The street performers, and the screeching dump trucks, the sirens of the ambulance, the honking yellow cabs and swearing drivers, the whistles and cat calls I started to get again. Every single sound was hearty and spiritual, almost musical and seemed to seep up from the sidewalk cracks and from the gutters and out of the jazzy women’s mouth and into my skin. Of course, to tease me and fire me up, the tall Giraffes I passed again gave me more motivation to continue to try even harder. ~from my modeling memoir, Almost 5'4"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Writing from the Apple store essay on Almost 5'4"

Hey Girls,

I wrote this essay/blog for the awesome YA community writing site, about my writing from the Apple store,-- hence writing my first book, my modeling memoir Almost 5'4", at the Apple Store in SoHo on Prince Street in NYC.

I'm writing a weekly writing series at YA site called The Beautiful Undead, and you already might know about my experience writing Almost 5'4" at the Apple store but here is some more details:

Also you can read Almost 5'4" as an eBook and check it out here on Amazon and here on
Also for my US readers, if you would like a signed and personalized copy of Almost 5'4" see the right side of this blog where it mentions to order a signed copy or email me at

I first self-published Almost 5'4", then HarperCollins in the UK brought it out, and you can find it online and in stores and I wrote it for the underdogs who are chasing a dream and their chance.

"As I put on one of the five coats I had once owned, I suddenly missed my old apartment in Astoria. I missed living in the college dorms. I missed the comfort of feeling normal and complacent, and yet complacency frightened me. My hopes to succeed as a model always won out over complacency, and it was worth it because in my hungriest, lowest moments a job would always appear at the last moment, as if to exercise my strength and patience. " from the prologue of Almost 5'4"

Aim high and strive, and always try,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Modeling castings: the casting details before you attend the casting

Hey Girls,

Showing up is 90% but before you show up to a model casting here are the details you should pay attention to. When my agency sends me details for a casting it includes these things:

PRODUCT:   What is the casting for? Sometimes the agency will give you the website of the company so you can see what type of products the company has, and what the casting is for.  

CASTING DETAILS: What is the client looking for?  This should tell you more about what the casting is for and what will happen at the casting.  ex: Brunette model with great skin, stomach, legs, for swimwear catalog.  (Knowing this can also help me prepared, although my legs and body should be always camera ready it helps to know what is the focus of the casting and this can help me better prepare. ex. If I know they are going to be looking at legs and the body, then I should be aware not to wear a bra or anything that creates lines on the body before I attend the casting, because I want my body to look it's best.)

DATE:   The date of the casting.  ex. Wednesday, Jan 19

LOCATION:  This should tell you where the casting is, the address, and the name of the person that you are suppose to see at the casting

TIME: time of casting and/ or suggested time you should show up to casting.

RATE:  Is the amount of money the the job will pay excluding the 20% the agency takes out:  ex. $750

USAGE: This tells you where the photos from the photo shoot will be used. Is it is a national, regional ad, global campaign?   ex.  2 years: Online, in print (including national magazines).

This means the images will be used for 2 years for commercial use for print and online and the images could be seen in ads in naitonal magazines.  Knowing the usage of the images is a good thing to know, and you should be given this information if you are booked for the job, if not ask about it.  Also when it comes to collecting proof/tearsheets of your work, you want to know when the images will appear? What month if possible. Is this magazine shoot for their December issue? Is this photo shoot for a fall campaign?

ATTIRE: What to wear to the casting.

SHOOT DATES:  Often agencies will ask you to HOLD the shoot day, just incase you book the job. Or you will be asked to not attend casting if you are not available on the shoot day.
ex. Models MUST BE AVAIL Feb 3 from 9am-5pm! Do not attend casting if you are not available on this days and time.  

It is a good to know as much as you can about the casting before the casting, so your odds for booking the job are better because you were prepared, aim high and strive!


Cheers to Allyson Townsend: Your go to-girl to hear the songs you love

Hey Girls,

What if you couldn't hear the songs you love? Well Alyson Townsend would have your back :)

Watch this video below, this really touched my heart, Allyson Townsend is an amazing young woman, a 2nd grade teacher and lover of music, has created Youtube videos for the deaf that allowed them to enjoy music from pop and country music singers. Even though I can hear, when I turn down the sound on my computer I can still feel the emotion of the words of the songs through her facial expressions.  Allyson, (Ally), is not deaf but she learned ASL when she was in middle school and it became a passion, she has a great online following and you can fan her on Facebook here.

She was inspired to create the videos when one of her deaf friends asked her, "Which words to say at which point, how do you know how long to say the word, or if it's a short word?"

Really intriguing.   I like her energy and personality and sincerity within the songs and her expressions to get the point of the vibe of the song.

I hope one of these singers of the songs she has signed, contact her, and put her in their next music video, or take her on tour :)

Here is the ABC News segment on Ally's story:

And here are Ally's videos:


Also check out Stephen Torrence as well

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thoughts on Getting somewhere from basically nowhere

Getting somewhere from basically nowhere, starting from scratch takes a lot of love and tears, hustle and hope, stamina and passion and enough humility to truly enjoy the highs and a strong-will to get through the lows. And getting it done in a way that makes you feel proud starts with belief. A belief that you can, that you can see the possibility and the potential in yourself. This is what tells your mind to listen to your heart which tells your body to get going and do it! ~Isobella Jade on doing what you want to do. ~Isobella Jade, on doing what you want to do.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Petite Fashion with Isobella Jade: wearing a Michael Kors Clip-Front Cardigan as a dress

Hey Girls,

Let's celebrate how great it is to be short! When you're short you can do cool things like wear a cardigan as a dress.

In this video I am wearing a Michael Kors Clip-Front Cardigan as a dress. I share shoe options and handbag options. Max Studio red heels, Nina shoes booties, and Anne Klein low heel shoes. Featuring a Longchamp handbag and a Cole Hann handbag.  When your petite it is all about perspective, and being willing to experiment sometimes and creating your own style and look. Be yourself, wear what you love, do it your way.  I hope you like the video click below or the link here:

~Isobella Jade

P.s: Do you have a stylish outfit you love and want to feature on this blog? Send over your pics of your favorite outfit, especially if you are short to be featured on this blog as Short and Stylish, email

Yes! Petites Only Discount at Ann Taylor This Weekend! whoo hoo!

Hey Girls!

Guess what my lovely petites! This weekend there is a Petites Only Discount at Ann Taylor for 30% off full-priced items!

In store and online!

Go check out the online items here: Ann Taylor Petite's!

These are a few of my picks!
Enter coupon code PETITE when checking out, click it for viewing it larger and to print.

Aim high and strive and Petite Pride!

I find my reason and mission to try, again and again

There is much to keep up with, much to check up on, the mind goes wild and the blood keeps pumping, there is much to do, much to reach for, so much to wake up for, but we must not lose our soul or our hearts in the process. In moments of doubt I get back in touch with my soul, the person inside and I find my reason and mission to try, again and again ~Isobella Jade on waking up for yourself and your goals each day.

Favorite Little Things: Locket Heart Ring

Hey Girls,

When you think of a locket, you may think of a necklace, but this is something different.

This locket heart ring, yes ring, caught my eye. I have not seen a locket ring before. This one is by VersatilElements.

I love the detail and sweetness of the ring, and the Swallow bird on top and the pretty cut outs within the brass heart design, it has a real dignified and special look.

I like jewelry that makes a person go "where did you get that?" and this ring would do that!
Which is why it is one of my favorite little things,


Go see the movie The Fighter and why I liked it

Hey Girls,

I suggest going to see the movie The Fighter. I saw it tonight I loved it.

You can read all about it here, but let me also tell you why I liked it. Three things comes to mind.

As a welterweight from the wrong side of the tracks, Irish-American Dicky Eklund is the pride of working class Lowell, Massachusetts. Living in his shadow is his younger half-brother and sparring partner 'Irish' Micky Ward.

Well, it's hard to cram a lot of information and storytelling into a movie and the film was real well done, well edited and shot really well. And you can read more in detail from the above link, the story is about an underdog boxer Micky and his previously successful but now downtrodden boxer older brother Dicky who is considered "the pride of the working class Lowell." But really, it is about a family. A family that wouldn't give up on eachother, through the setbacks, the mistakes, frustration and even moments of betrayal, they had a love that's very obvious in the film.

A part of the film that touched me was when Dicky is missing from the gym, he is suppose to be training his brother Micky, but Dicky is off hanging around these people who influence him to do the wrong thing (do drugs), and when his mother goes to find him she is very upset. In the car Dicky starts singing a song to his mother, who joins in. It was shown in the way Dicky sang it that his mother had forgiven him many times before for his mistakes and always would love him. The song was called "I started a Joke" which is a  Bee Gees song, and The Wallflowers have also sung it.
I started a joke. Which started the whole world crying.
But I didn't see that the joke was on me.
Oh, no, I started to cry. Which started the whole world laughing.
Oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me.
I looked at the skies. Running my hands over my eyes.

And I fell out of bed. Hurting my head from things that I said.
Till I finally died. Which started the whole world living.
Oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me.

I thought that was a special moment in the film.

The film also made me think about these three things:
One, People who go through really tough times and do even damaging things to themselves and face addictions are still people, and although it takes "will" and a certain attitude and strength to overcome addiction, but if you allow those who have been broken the chance to do what they do best, and use their skills, they can make a difference, change people's lives, inspire people in amazing ways.
Two, When Dicky was giving a pep talk to Micky and was telling him he would do the things he never got to do, this struck me. I think it is a beautiful thing when someone else's success can inspire and uplift another person. I think it is special when you can inspire others to be the best they can be, even if it means you won't be the best anymore.
Three, The cast did an impressive job. Mark Wahlberg as Micky is a great actor, I even said outloud in a whisper to my man "he is really good!" I saw his character as dealing with a lot of emotions at once: caring for his family, his brother and girlfriend, and success which all bump heads, he is self-discoverying, trying-to-do-the-right-thing, and he is aiming high to win, and he played the role so well, (and he put his heart and soul into seeing that the film got made as a producer) plus he took those punches really well! 
Melissa Leo as the Mother to both fighters, plus 7 other children was in way the real heart of the film.
Amy Adams with her swearing and affectionate and concerned character in Charlene (I liked it when she said, did you head body-head-body?) will make you laugh and feel the struggles of facing the family of the man you love sometimes, no matter how perfect or imperfect they are.
Christian Bale as Dicky really did an amazing job, I was really blown away. Without knowing much about Dicky before I saw the film, I already could tell that Christian Bale had the character down so well, and what a character! Christian did such a great job making it humanistic, raw, real, really memorable, it breaks your heart in a way that you smile about afterward for hours (the speech at the end while Micky is in the ring just about made choke up, forehead to forehead). Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale make sure you will never forget Dicky and Micky, even if you don't totally love boxing, the spirit of the characters will stay with you.

I am glad this film was made.

There is nothing better than a film about underdogs and hustling and beating the odds, go see this film!
As someone who knows the underdog life very well, movies and books about people who strive and strive on even when times are tough really stay with me. When you are out there trying to do what you want to do you can find reason for what you do, and also a spirit, from these types of films and books to keep going,


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Petite fashion with Isobella Jade: wearing a high waisted Burberry skirt

Hey Girls,

Enjoy this video I made for you that shares some of my petite fashion tips and my favorite finds that I am currently wearing, and I hope my tips on wearing a high waisted skirt are inspiring.

Or watch the video here on Youtube: Petite Fashion with Isobella Jade


P.s: To have a better viewing experience turn off my podcast radio show which is seen when you scroll down on the right side of this blog. Enjoy!

This wool Burberry skirt can be worn into Spring and in the Fall. Also worn is Michael Kors boots, Wolford tights, H&M turtleneck, St John earrings, Corazon Latino jewerly necklace and Kate Spade handbag. I get it for less usually, I shop the outlets, the vintage stores, thrift stores, boutique stores, and I love  jewelry found at craft fairs and antique fairs and I shop the sale rack.

P.s: If you would like to be featured on this blog as a petite and stylish girl on the go, submit to me a photo of yourself wearing your favorite outfit to with Short and Stylish in the subject.

Favorite Little Thing: Apartment Therapy’s Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces

Hey Girls,

Being small and living in New York City, where living in small spaces is the norm, this book called,
Apartment Therapy’s Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces caught my eye. Since the book celebrates living creatively in small spaces and helps make tiny rooms look exciting and full of personality, it is one of my favorite things, find the book on Amazon here and here.

Stop by


Modeling Casting Tips: on what to wear

Hey Girls,

The other day for a casting my agency said to wear a sleeveless shirt. Because the casting would involve showing my arms. On a cold winter day you might be thinking WHAT!

Hold up. Remember at castings you can usually change in the bathroom, and casting directors and photographers and the people who are holding the casting understand that models change their clothing sometimes at castings.  So always go prepared. If the casting asks for a certain type of clothing or shoes,  underwear, or hair style, (hair in a ponytail) attend the casting prepared.

I wore a tank top under my turtleneck which I whipped off before it was my turn, and afterward then bundled back up and went back into the cold!


P.s: if you didn't check out my writing series The Beautiful Undead, check it out here: Scroll to first post and enjoy, or read the writing series here on

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When you measure your success

When you measure your success measure it by your self-growth, measure it by how you feel about yourself and if what you accomplished is something you are truly happy about, measure it by the lessons you've learned, and the experiences you've had during the journey you've been on while striving. Being "successful" isn't even honestly measured by money or even popularity. I think you are already a success by believing in what you are doing and loving what you are doing, and growing with what you are doing, improving yourself and what you are passionate about, you are a success for giving it your all.

~isobella jade


Hurry and enjoy 30% off Nina shoes with my coupon code StandTall until Feb 2011!

Hey Girls,

psst, remember until February 2011, you can get 30% off Nina shoes at with my coupon code: StandTall

In these images above in my Burberry dress I am wearing Nina shoes, cute booties!

Nina shoes also has an iPhone app you should check out :) 

These are two shoes that stood out that would look pretty to give a simple black dress some pop.

Evelixa -- Peep-Toe Pumps in Navy.  I actually love Navy for shoes.

These Elizana -- High Heel Sandals in Teal are going to make a black dress happy.

Happy shopping!

Shorter models: signed or non-exclusive and freelancing with agencies

Hey Girls,

As I mentioned on today's podcast segment about goal-setting, "If you do not have a goal then you can't strive...for what are you striving towards?" you can hear the segment archived at 

A girl on Twitter asked me recently:  I'm curious, as a petite model are you currently signed to a modelling agency or freelance?

I am signed as in signed-up and work with print modeling agencies in New York City. I signed a non-exclusive modeling agreement with them.  For many print agencies this is the way they work with their models, it is not unsual, it is normal and typical.

Over the years I've worked non-exclusive with many print modeling agencies in NYC. It means I can work with more than one agency at the same time.

Here is more on working non-exclusive with agencies, which is also sometimes called freelancing with agencies:

Setting modeling goals is so important

Hey Girls,

Tune in at 2 PM EST Today for my live podcast segment on the importance of setting modeling goals.
Listen here:

I will be covering:

How noticing your assets couples with creating your goals
Why having goals keeps you focused and able to strive and succeed better and quicker
How to best prepare to achieve your goals
How to stay positive when striving for your goals
and much more...see you there,


Male model app developer David Gandy: His Style Guide for men

Hey Girls,

I recently caught this article in the NY Daily News about model David Gandy, you may know of him and if you live in NYC who might know of his huge billboard for Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue fragrance in Times Square?  Pretty sea blue eyes? Stand out eyebrows? Has kind of a mysterious edge to his look?

David is more than a model, he has recently produced an app on the iPhone for style for men. Check it out here and tell your male friends :)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I updated The Beautiful Undead writing series!

Hey Girls, I just updated The Beautiful Undead writing series. Below is an excerpt of the latest journal entry of Viv, the heroine of TBU who has kept a journal that has the secrets of TBU and her own journal as a beautiful undead model.   You can read the series here: Scroll to bottom to start with the first entry.  Or you can read the series on as well where it can be read in a book form-ish style:

February 19th, 2004  Almost midnight.  Strange things are happening

So, it’s been over a week and I’m still here in Von’s apartment.  He keeps saying it will be safer if I stay at his place, but I have the feeling he just doesn’t want me to open my mouth and share the details of the night I got shot with anyone. He asked me every day since I’ve been here where I went and who I spoke to.  But typically I just stay in his apartment all day and typically there is absolutely no one I speak to. The longest conversation I’ve had is saying “Thank you” to the grocery store clerk when I couldn’t reach the pasta sauces on the top shelf.  Von has absolutely no food in the fridge besides the few things that I buy for myself.  He is never here to eat dinner with either.
I’m glad he leaves me about $60 a day to survive on.  But usually I don’t spend most of it and just leave it on the table.
Von had someone go to my shitty ex-apartment last week and collect my things. He basically demanded that I couldn’t do it.  I was sooo pissed. I mean having someone who you don’t know go to pick up your underwear and stuff, I felt really invaded. 
But, my stuff is here now. In 5 small cardboard boxes but even though it seems like I moved in, I still don’t feel like this is home.
My purse has its ritual spot and Von has even offered me his bed.

...Read the rest here:

New Podcast Segment 1/19 Modeling and Goal Setting

This weeks segment of Model Talk Radio is about Modeling and Goal Setting.

When: 1/19/2010
Time: 2:00 PM EST

Here is the scoop:  Model, author, advocate Isobella Jade shares some useful tips on goal-setting as an aspiring model and how striving as a model involves having goals. Isobella Jade petite model and the author of her modeling memoir Almost 5'4" and her graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior." Recently published is her collection of short stories called "Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model," featuring modeling jobs she done with Macy's, Victoria's Secret, Marshalls, Easy Spirit and others. Weekly her show shares tips and advice for models of all sizes and inspiration, as she shares the outsiders in to the modeling business. You can also find interviews with beauty brands such as LUSH, Origins, Wet n Wild, Styli-Style, along with chats with fitness expert Gunnar Peterson and Fashion and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photographer Steve Erle, among others.

Tune in here to the Modeling and Goal Setting segment:

Check Almost 5'4", Model Life and Short Stuff here on
Here on Amazon.
And read an excerpt here.

P.s: Submit to be Petite of the Week and featured on this blog, send with the subject of your email: Petite of the Week, send your first name, headshot, or comp card jpeg, your height, where you are from, how you are making strides in modeling to: and also submit to Short and Stylish Petite's on this blog, so if you are short and stylish you can submit to be featured by sending me your name, where you are from, a photo of yourself in your favorite outfit, what you are wearing, where you like to shop, and share how despite being petite, and the hunt for petite sizes, you are looking good and feeling good, with Short and Stylish in the email subject to

These features are on going!