Thursday, December 23, 2010

You don't have to experience a model scam, be a photo smart model

Hey Girls,

I believe in being prepared. In modeling you've got to do the work that happens behind the scenes. To get the agencies, there are professional photographers to research, knowing the photos you need to get that match your goals, printing a comp card (starting to get a portfolio together) and the submission process. All that happens in the process of submitting to agencies and making yourself a model.

Think about the photos you need to skip scams and not waste time.  (Most girls get scammed because they do not know the photos they need to model and so-called agencies end up scamming them for photo packages and then getting the photos and getting a call after the experience turns into a down hill battle.)

Managing your own photography can also save you time, money and prevent scams.

It is not hard to create the basic shots you need to create for print modeling.

Think about the modeling jobs you want to get and target your photos around those shots.

Aim for professionalism and seek our a professional photographer, and be prepared to have a photo plan before you get in front of the camera, know what you are planning to shoot before you arrive to the shoot.

Set goals for the shoot, and for your first images for your compcard.

There are professional agencies, great ones out there, and they will advise you on what you need for photos but don't feel desperate to pay an agency for photos, you don't have to! There are other options. And always ask questions, research, and do your homework, use Google!

When you are in front of the camera don't shoot for your ego, or for the heck of it, shoot for your goals,

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