Saturday, December 18, 2010

W magazine features hand models and shorter models as parts models

Hey Girls,

In the January issue of W magazine there is a feature on hand models by Tony Dokoupil called The Hand That Rocks. I hope you can check it out. You will also notice the hand models featured in the article are not young, as in they are 47, 45 and 40 years old, and showing that working as a model, and using what you naturally have, can get you great work and a nice paycheck ($1000's+ per job), and your age won't hold you back. (There are younger hand models but most hand models are a bit more mature modeling technology products, holding the Nook or iPhone, fashion accessories, shoes, jewelry, panty hose, home goods kitchen appliances, tissues, coffee cup, and beauty products, lipstick, lotions, etc, and pharmaceutical products targeted towards young adults and adults.)

Sometimes I get asked about hand modeling from aspiring models. Keep in mind, using your hands to model is an area of parts modeling ( using your "parts" hands-legs, body, stomach, lips, eyes, etc, to model product ads and campaigns and for magazine editorials) and in parts modeling and print modeling it is possible to work for many years beyond your 40's even. When I attend hand modeling castings and have booked hand modeling work usually the other models are in there 30's 40's actually. I don't consider parts modeling B-level or crappy work, it is GREAT work, and personally it helped me get in the door with agencies as a shorter model in NYC. Considering I am too short for fashion agencies. Using what you naturally have to get ahead is a good idea. Modeling for a brand, a product ad, a commercial, a campaign is the goal right? So why is holding a lipstick or a handbag, wearing a shoe, being in a beauty or health editorial while using your "parts" a modeling job of any lower of quality? Models and being one isn't just about being a tall giraffe, it means many things these days and I am happy W gave some props to hand models. Also, parts modeling is a great area to pursue as a shorter model because our petite and proportioned parts make products look great when we hold (hands) or wear them (shoes). (Btw, for shoe modeling many models are a size 6 shoe, which is something shorter girls tend to be.) I've worked as a full body parts model, head, profile, hands, back, booty, legs to toe for years and by putting my parts to use I've worked with great brands and magazines that I might not have worked with had the job been based on my height alone.

You can find my own stories as a hand model and parts model in my third book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model, you can read an excerpt here. And here is how to prepare parts modeling photos depending on the part you want to market.

Notice your assets, use them to get opportunities, love yourself each day,

P.s: starting this coming week, the first journal entry for The Beautiful Undead series!

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