Thursday, December 16, 2010

These moisturizers have been on my face this week

Hey Girls,
Don't wait until your 40 to start moisturizing, do it now. I have been since high school, living in NYC against the elements of wind, snow, blasting sun,and blizzards, my skin gets a beating and as a model and girl on the go I need to take care of it, quick and easy. :)

These moisturizers have been on my face this week.

Dermagenics, I love how this moisturizer really absorbed into the skin fast and quickly and my skin right away feels soft in a matter of seconds actually. Placed it on my shin, the sides of my nose, my forehead, cheeks and neck.

Clinique dramatrically different moisturizing gel, for me this is a go-to-item, for $12.50 it is a steal and great for travel, I can use it for a full month, I like the gel better than lotion, the gel absorbs quick and usually put this on in morning before I do my makeup and apply foundation, etc.  I wait like 10-15 minutes and ready for makeup.  I place it on my chin, down my nose, sides of nose, under eyes, forehead, neck.

Kiehl's creamy eye treatment, with avacado, I use it a couple times a week, it goes under my eyes before bed, but I wish it absorbed a bit quicker. I like it, but sometimes I am under the sheets and it is rubbing off on my pillow. 

I guess I am a quick absorb type girl. I like my moisturizers to work into the skin fast, I hate rubbing and rubbing it in, I like it sliding on and doing its job. :)

And here are some tips from on keeping skin soft, especially elbows this winter.

What moisturizers do you like to use?


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