Friday, December 10, 2010

Smaller town modeling agencies expect the same professionalism.

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I mention in my memoir Almost 5'4" that I've lived in New York City since 2001, --and I share my early modeling pursuits, the grit, the mistakes, the overcoming, the learning, and success I found by not giving up,-- however I am originally from Syracuse, NY area in Central, NY.  And along I have done my modeling NYC, no matter where you live there are modeling jobs out there.  You might not be in a national ad, and instead a local or regional ad, you might not be paid thousands but there is still some good opportunities you can do.  To pursue modeling no matter where you live something I preach is knowing your assets and knowing what print modeling is, and knowing that modeling is not about "showing off" how cute you are, but more about "modeling a product" and that men and women of all ages and types are modeling for products, brands, and everything from contact lenses to dish soap, shoes, accessories, to tampon commercials, and using your personality and natural self to do so within the ad or editorial.  Recently on this weeks Model Talk Radio segment I mentioned six things short models need to know before they pursue modeling.

A lot of my readers are from smaller cities, and think that they are limited, well I tell them that are not as limited as they might think, however keep in mind that smaller town modeling agencies expect the same professionalism.  This post from AMS Models blog, based in Central, NY, caught my eye, it is based on how important it is to know what professional modeling is, and is about. 

I preach often how the more you know, the better off you are. Also, that the word model, for print modeling (which is the largest area of modeling) actually means just simply being yourself.  Show in your photos your nice smile, personality, a nice full body, catalog-ish shot, shots showing you naturally using products like, a cell phone, walking a dog, holding a handbag, putting on shoes like it is a shoe ad, even smiling while using a computer.  Print models are all ages and types, but to work as one you have to have the photos you need and also it is best to respect the submission process for working with a professional modeling agency. Most agencies (especially print modeling agencies in NYC, prefer you mail a comp card to them. Most print agencies do not craft your career, create marketing material for you, they use the material you give them, and professional is best. Don't let where you live hold you back, infact a smaller town could be towards your benefit. Here is more on commercial print photos and modeling in a small market:

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