Friday, December 17, 2010

Short models scouting out their own modeling opportunities

Hey Girls,

As a shorter aspiring model, you've got to be a hustler, a researcher, a go-getter and a girl who ready to roll up her sleeves and scout out your own modeling opportunities.

Three things come to mind on the mindset of being a self-made model and things that are unconventional but can be helpful for an aspiring model.   The first is about being more than just a pretty face and having a dream, but really being a part of making your dreams come true, being hands-on with your goals, and surrounding yourself with people who are also ambitious, professional and passionate about their pursuits.
Creating your own network I think is important as an aspiring model. You should know not only professional photographers, and professional agencies in your area, but know about makeup artists, stores and asipring designers who might loan you clothing or accessories for a shoot, you should know if there is a local magazine in your area, and marketing and advertising wise, you should know if there are production companies, ad agencies, marketing agencies, pr agencies, in your town. It is good to be aware and build your network. We live in this digital age and everyone is all about who is "liking" who, and it is good to Use the computer to research right ( research modeling agencies and what it takes to be a shorter model, brands and aspiring designers, accessories designers, professional photographers in your area that shoot print modeling photos and headshots) but it is best not to be glued to the computer. It is important for an aspiring model to get off the computer and really get infront of the people who might want to work with you. Such as: A boutique, a hair salon, a nail salon, a craft show, a trade show, places in your town that might need a model to model products and services/ for their promotion material. Sure you could start with an email, or mailing the marketing department or person who handles PR your comp card through postal mail, but also I think a personal approach is nice.

What makes you a better model is being aware that modeling is about modeling for something, modeling a product, for a brand, for a service, company, magazine editorial. It is about representing the vibe of that brand, product, etc.  You want to show that you understand how to naturally model products, agencies, designers, art directors, magzaine editors, want to see this, so if you want to target a jewelry store, a hair salon, or the areas of beauty, modeling jeans, shoes, etc. Show that you can in your photos. Show photos of yourself modeling for the type of products and type of modeling jobs you want to gain.  Showing you can leads you to the opportunity. Strive to work with professional photographers, take yourself seriously and your goals, slow down and plan your goals, create the photos you need that will help get what you want. Be prepared to put in the work to gain modeling opportunities, which can lead to more.  And keep in mind a modeling agency may want to work with you but that doesn't mean that agency will craft your career, not for print models. You are crafting the photos to best market your assets, you are printing comp cards, you are striving towards the opportunities that will really lead to your bigger goals.

And remember: Let’s not forget that personality is what sells a shorter model most, and also sometimes “just being what they are looking for” can book you the job, especially within commercial print modeling. Good skin is also an asset for a shorter model and taking care of your skin. Having a proportioned body can help and make you look longer in photos if needed. And a good attitude, people love an up beat and positive model.


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