Monday, December 20, 2010

Short models and the word Focus

Alot of girls write me about how they can model when they are shorter, I always tell them to think about their assets beyond height, and to study ads and models modeling lifestyle products in them.The more you know about marketing your assets beyond height, the photos you need, and the more thought, energy, time and focus you put into your pursuits, the better, to find opportunitiesand work with agencies.

Modeling isn't just about height but it is about how you approach the word model.  Being a self-made model is about being a good marketer, it is about having a lot of focus.

Focus on the areas of modeling where you can really find opportunities.
Focus on what a print modeling agent would want to see.
Focus on what you can do to be more prepared for your goals.
Focus on the photos you need which will help you better market yourself
Focus on your goals and create goals that are realistic each week and month that influence your modeling pursuits.
Focus on surrounding yourself with professionals, and aim for professionalism.
Focus on investing in yourself (with professional photos and comp cards, print agencies like it when you have a comp card already made and ready to be used).
Focus on getting some experience modeling for a product. (an aspiring accessories designer or local hair salon, etc, in your town.)
Focus on examples in print ads and product campaigns and commercials where the models are using more than height to sell the product in them, where their height wasn't what booked them the job, focus on examples that have nothing to do with the models height.
Focus and believe in yourself.


TM Isobella Jade

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