Thursday, December 16, 2010

Real is marketable for working as a model

Hey Girls,

The word model means many things, but something it means most is "being real".  How come this is an area a lot of girls miss? Print modeling is often forgotten when the word model comes up, why?

There is totally a lack of content in area of commercial print modeling and how real people model all the time lifestyle products, they are not jet-set supermodels but they model for national brands and magazines. In fact you see these types of models all the time on billboards, in magazines, in commercials, in catalogs, product ads.

Often girls who approach me are figuring out what commercial print modeling really means and what it is about? And the photos they need to pursue it. Reseach, strive, learn, observe, gain, and grow.

We live in a commercial/ material world, where there is basically too much product, too much of everything, in retail, in beauty, in technology and much more.

The amount of magazines, products, and companies out there should inspire you though. It means there is a need for more models, and not all these products are high end fashion products they are products every day people use, and every day people model them.  Real is marketable right now in modeling. You see it in ads, you see it in commercials, you notice it more and more even in some magazines. Real, the non-airbrushed look, the girl being herself in the photos, the fact that she is not as perfect.... is...actually.... perfect.

Actually print modeling agencies and print modeling castings don't want to see airbrushed photos, they want to see the real you.  Sure, wear some mascara, but done over do it. For a shorter girl, finding modeling work within print modeling involves leaving fantasy at the door and walking in asconfident, friendly, ready to model for any product, may it be an accessory, dish soap or cell phone! Bring it!

You might never be in a fashion magazine or on a billboard, but you could be modeling for great products but your photos need to represent your true self, and marketable photos are so important to strive to get. Not just any photos but ones that is marketable towards your realistically ambitious goals.

Your homework after reading this post is to go look into lifestyle magazines, all types of mags, from women's, to bride, to parenting, to craft, to travel, to technology, look, look, and observe the ads inside,....then go look for billboards, go look for commercials that feature models that are not being hired for their height alone but for their personality, great skin tone, energy, smile, and other assets. And models that are actually people who are model lifestyle  products of all types. They might not be modeling the high fashion clothing and accessories in Vogue but there sure of hell are a lot of models modeling a lot of other products these days beyond fashion.


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