Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Please design more for the petite chicks we are waiting!

Hey Girls,

Tonight I was having a Twitter chat with some fellow petite's about the fashion industry and the retail world when it comes to the lack of petite fashion.

I believe mass market and the fashion world are obsessed with fantasy and not in tune with reality when they design and create clothing. I think they often forget the mass population of girls and women are actually under 5'5".

I have featured on my blog Short and Stylish girls and it is an on going feature on this blog, and here are some previous features: 


To submit email me your favorite outfit, what you are wearing, and where you shop and any insight you want to share on being petite and stylish, the highs and lows, to petitepride@yahoo.com

And here are some things I Twittered about the topic of petite size and where I think some change can be made:

I have friends that are petite S,M, L, XL, XXL ect & fashion & mass market is obsessed w fantasy not reality

Yes petite M, petite Large, petite XL, it all lacks and there is $$$ to make, in US most girls are under 5'5"

Shape is a big thing among petite's, I am thin but I know that petite isn't just thin & short,- shape w petite size lacks!

I often shop vintage stores, funny thing I don't have big hips but I got some booty.

the issue is price, fit and style, you can find XS, S, XXS w nice style but can $$

students in fashion school should focus on the marketing and the needs out there to make some $ because high fashion isn't the lacking area.

Designers can make a lot of money w right price point targeted to petite & thin and petite & curvy. It's needed!

I do notice more stores having a "petite" section which is nice but it is often weak, limited

there is a lot of $$$ to be made in the petite fashion & more brands need to see that

Over all, designers, new and current need to open their minds to the petite market, because when they open their mind to it, they are really allowing themselves to also be more known, sell more clothing, make more money and help a public that is waiting for it.

Fashion students should also know the demographics of the country and area they live in. I love some high end brands, but really what matters more to me is not the high end appeal, but the style, the fit, is it something I can afford.

Plus size petite and thin petite is an area that is lacking in clothing, intimates and shoes.

Petite isn't just making the clothing shorter, it is about shape and fit and designers should consider hiring a human real normal size girl to be a fit model, and normal is not a standard size, normal is different for every bone structure, and the word "normal" is nuts!...Designers, magazine editors, and fashion leaders need to be bold to give a new meaning to 'sample size' a chance.

We live in this materialistic world, full of fantasy and the dream is degrading, brings down self esteem, hurts, is fustrating, because really and honestly a girl just wants to put on something that fits and wants the reality, andy that who she is, is good enough!

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Some places I shop, and things I wore recently, are from Burberry, Forever21, United Colors of Benetton, Kenneth Cole, Sweet Petites, Mango, Gap, Levi's, and Original Penguin.  Some of my favorite designers and brands are on the right side of this blog in Isobella's Closet. I love vintage shops. I am sometimes lucky when it comes to clothing because I wear a B Cup boobs, but I do have a bit of a booty, and I wear high heels to give my torso and body length, so that the dress sometimes fits better. :)

Aim high and strive, ~Isobella

P.s:  Petite fashion opps fixed

(when I got married, the lady at the dress store measured me carelessly with my clothing on, it was weird, but I had never done it before and was an idiot and didn't say anything, and then my dress was about 3 sizes to big when it arrived! To say the least, it was not a wonderful shopping experience and the alterations-I had them done at the Galleria in Houston- thankfully came out nicely for our NYC wedding day. I did order the Alfred Angelo dress as a Petite, it's just the bridal dress store I went to was terrible, but with my heels it all worked out, here is insight on the dress, shoes, bag, etc that I wore as a bride!)

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