Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Petite of the Week is Chrimisha


Petite of the Week is Chrimisha, she is a 5'0" aspiring model. This is what she says about modeling, " I've found it very  challenging to be successful in modeling when the odds are already up against your height. I'm from Atlanta, GA, where print, catalogue, editorial,etc. modeling is mainly for people that are 5'7" and up. But I have made a commitment to myself to not give up on something that I really have a passion for."

Passion and ambition should be in the definition of a model, aim high and strive on,

P.s: here are some commercial print agencies in Atlanta to consider sending a comp card to: http://www.petitemodelingtips.com/2009/06/modeling-agency-highlight-in-atlanta.html

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