Monday, December 6, 2010

Petite of the Week is Chiaki


Chiaki, is a Japanese-Filipina model, 5'2" tall, from Makati, Philippines. She wrote to me and shared this about being a petite model:
Honestly as a petite model, I had a difficult path to get through since fashion industry professional choose tall models for shows on the catwalk, I had a lot of rejection, but I never gave up, instead of accepting this disappointment, I’ve used this as a turning point to become a professional print model, I always keep in my mind that most clients and photographers would rather work with a vibrant and easy-going person than one that does not take instructions well or acts as a snob. I have to be lively, full of energy and work hard to get my success in modeling industry. I survived in 8 years of being a model because of the philosophy, so my “character features and professionalism towards work” definitely are very important. Also I want to inspire everyone that height or looks should not be a problem in modeling nor in achieving your dream in life, why? Also, I'm currently working as a Flight attendant in one of the commercial airline in Philippines, yeah, for that I'm under qualified because of my height but my determination, passion, knowledge’s, sense of responsibility and hard work became the great weapons to fight the height standard perception and find my way to overcome it until those critics might love me as a short chick, and as being let's rock the world!

Well said! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, aim high and strive no matter your height,

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