Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Petite of the Week Elise and Jamei



Petite of the Week are Elise is 5'3" and Jamei is 4'11" are from Seattle, WA and here is how they are making strides in modeling:

Jamei and Elise are close friends, petite models and beauty pageant award winners. Jamei has appeared on billboards and print advertisements locally and internationally as the face for everything from coffee to upscale resorts. Elise's accomplishments include winning the Miss Photogenic Award in the 2011 Miss Washington USA pageant and has worked as a fitness model for Nike. The girls are being considered to be contestants for a reality tv show called "Ford Focus Rally America"! Being on the show would involve a 5 week roadtrip/ race across America against other teams! Elise and Jamei created their own web tv show, "Becoming the Beauty Dream Team" to entertain their fans, to increase their chances of getting chosen while they wait to hear back from the casting directors, and MOST IMPORTANTLY to inspire women, (especially women who are also petite!) to not let height or any other perceived obstacle keep them from pursuing careers in modeling and the entertainment industry. They could hear back from the casting directors any day now!!! They came up with the team name the "Beauty Dream Team" because of their backgrounds in pageants and modeling and constant drive to enhance their inner beauty. The girls are also authors of a blog in which they share fashion/beauty/fitness/lifestyle tips and behind-the-scenes info on "Becoming the Beauty Dream Team".


Jamei and Elise said...

Isobella, thank you so much, we are so honored to be featured in your blog!!! Your beauty and accomplishments in modeling are an inspiration to us. xoxo, Elise and Jamei

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.